My name is Erika. I'm in love with making art, collecting old things & chasing after my two kiddos. This blog is a peek into my happy accidents & plots of total world domination.


Attack of the birds

Well these little bitty inny whinny tinny paintings are for the Art House's Canvas Project in that fabulous Hot-lanta. I don't know why but these little guys took forever to dry. These are the little brown hopping birds that were all over Cancun, Mexico.

So I am back to working on my landscape series and right now I am working on a lovely painting of the Deshutes River. I think the air is different in Bend.. crispier.. greenier.. fresher.. just a good place to get away from the it all.

So it's almost Halloween and I do not have a costume. I have a cape so maybe it might be a recipe for a super hero. I am not sure what my super power would be... If anyone out there has any ideas that is not a cat, nurse, witch, or something with wings- I am all ears... haha!


KC McAuley said...

Erika - I love these little brown birds. They are so sweet. You have a real gift. I look forward to seeing more!! - kc

Blenda said...

Hi Erika,
Hey, we might be neighbors! Well, I actually live south of Portland.
Enjoyed looking at your beautiful artwork!

Michelle Brunner said...

I love these birds! They are wonderful:)

tangled sky studio said...

they look awesome as a group....i love the buttery yellow and brown together.


Bruce Krieg said...

I enjoyed looking at your art at the 31 festival on Burnside. Thank for being so passionate about your calling!

Erika Lee Sears said...

Thank you so much for everyone's nice words!

Anonymous said...

Pictures of birds remind me of Hitchcock.

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