The Amazing Race

So this weekend one my friends, Mark turned 30 and he decided to throw an Amazing Race Party. It was quite an adventure and all of the teams were running all over town. One person from each team was supposed to complete each challenge. If you didn't complete the challenge, then there was a 15 minute penalty per person. The most unusual challenge was sun bathing nude on Sauvie's Island for 10 minutes- and thank fully I was on a team with an exhibitionist... and no I was not the sun bather. : ) Well we came in 3rd but it was close! Here is me and the ladies toasting after the race.

I have been painting away in my studio and getting ready for all the summer events and future fall/winter events. This little painting is called "Breakfast" because who can resist a yummy warm delicious coffee in the morning with a little bit of fruit. Well I can't resist a warm, delicious, mouth watering, coffee in the morning.. or afternoon.. or evening..
I also have decided to write a letter a day out to different people from my Saturday Art Group, because who doesn't like mail? I think I would send out more mail but I don't have any one's addresses.


Michelle Brunner said...

What a great photograph...I love the coloring of it! Your painting is WONDERFUL! As I am sitting here blogging I am drinking coffee and eating fruit for really is a great combination:) I am so jealous of you right now....I want to paint so bad but I have these silly little summer classes...hopefully soon though!

Kristin said...

E- now I need to go get a coffee :) Loves the painting.

Sara Moriarty said...

Great post Erika. I love that you included a bit of your personal life. I can't wait to hear more about this Race. What a fantastic party! And I agree with Michelle... great coloring in the photo.