The Drawing Habit

So last night I went to the opening of Art and Soul in Portland which they had a lecture from Danny Gregory. He has written several books such as "Everyday Matters" and "Creative License" which his books illustrate (no pun intended) how he rediscovered drawing in his mid thirties and how it has led to his several books. The main thing that really resonated with me was that you need to be fearless with drawing and how drawing specifically changed his life.

I never really thought about how Art changed my life. Art has been in my life since before I could remember and it's always been there. Art has changed my life completely because with out it I would be a totally different person.

I do carry a sketch book and I do sketch often. So I decided to share something from my sketch book. My little puppy, Winston snoozing away on his favorite pillow on the couch. I think he is probably one of my more favorite models.

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