Tim and I are in Bend, Oregon. for a long weekend. We love to come out more often but it is over a 3.5 hour drive from Portland and going over the snowy mountain is always stressful. We usually stay at my parents cabin in Bend. My mother hides these plastic owls all over the inside and outside of the house that have motion sensors on them and they howl at you if you get to close. My mother thinks that it protects the house from burglars. They really freak out the dogs :)

Usually when I travel I have a travel kit with water color set, pens, etc. But this trip I needed to do some oil painting for the upcoming Love Show, since I have been putting off this painting for some reason. This is one of the few open shows where anyone can be apart of it and there are over 300 artists participating this year.

So I decided to painting the perfect essence of Love. PBJ ! Always a match made in heaven. Personally I am a creamy peanut butter fan and black or raspberry fan. I do prefer my PBJ to have potato chips in the middle for that extra yummy crunch.


Unknown said...

Oh what a great idea and twist on the subject of Love - brilliant!

Kristin said...

jack put sprinkles on the inside of his pbj's and i prefer mine on toasted bread. yum!

Janice La Verne said...

Hi Erika,

Thank you for the kind comment about my blog.

I'm fairly self taught also, but that includes classes when I can find them on all sorts of art processes. I use acrylic paint, acrylic ink and xerox transfer along with collage in my paintings and drawings.

You paint so well and you are so young! No way I painted that well, in fact I didn't paint at all!

The story about the owls made me laugh, my dogs would have been terrified... said...

Nice still life.

Based on the subject, I'm guessing you are a better painter than cook.

Unknown said...

oh what a wonderful painting!!! love it....nice to meet you and I can't wait to see what you create next!!

Michelle Brunner said...

Love this painting! PB and J is a classic way to go:) Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Unknown said...

Hi Erika!!!
thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!


ben pink said...

looking forward to seeing this in person! Maybe you will bring PB&J to the opening, potato chips included!