You better work!

I have been going to several estate sales and the estate auctions which some what close to my house and as always I always come home with treasures. :) Well my husband told me that I need to stop coming home with junk! So now I have to fix up the furniture I picked up and I am hoping (actually praying) that everything turns out- so that I can continue to get more junk. I know that I am not a crafty gal but I can try. Does anyone have any good pointers on getting rust out of metal? The first thing that I am going to attempt to fix is this beautiful old chair- and I know to the naked eye you can't see the charm, but it was a dollar and I think there's something special to this chair.

I am also knee deep in my work- getting ready for some summer shows. I will be at May, first Thursday in the Pearl. June, I am going to have some work at Olympic Mills organized with Portland City Art. I will also have some work up at Gallery Exit 21 on Hawthorne for June.

:) Hope everyone is having a great week.

2 comments said...

I'm going to have to vote to chuck the chair but keep the painting beneath it; the painting is really nice.

Michelle said...

Love your work and congrats on your upcoming shows!

I too love estate sales and junk...I mean treasures! I think the only solution for rusted metal is paint. But then, isn't paint a good solution for a lot of things?!