Herb and Dorothy

Recently I watched a documentary called Herb and Dorothy. The film is about a couple of collectors which one is a librarian and the other a postal worker and it's about how they built their art collection in New York City. I think what I enjoyed most about the film, was that there is this seemingly average couple and watching their journey into the art world and collecting. They didn't just obsessively collect, but they meet the artists, visited studios, and went to gallery openings. It's also funny seeing their tiny apartment with cats and turtles and how its just stuffed with just art.

I think the thing that I related to the most, was that I always love to look at work and see how work is made and enjoy the story of how something is made, since I to am obsessed with making things myself. It also reminds me that it is important to make something. The movie is on Netflix, instant watch :), in case anyone wants to watch it.

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