Day 1- Welcome to Paris

Consumed: 1 ham/cheese/egg crepe, 1 café crème, baguette with sausage and butter, 1 coca cola light, 1 star bucks iced tea, 1 chocolate croissant, escargot, duck with some French sauce, 2 beers, a couple glasses of house red wine. - fine I am a pig. haha

Tim and I thought it was a bright idea to try and combat the time change before we go to Paris- since Portland to Paris is about a 9 hour time change. We go to bed at 9 pm our time and wake up 3 am and our flight is at 8 am and we arrive in Paris the following day at 7 am Paris time. We would only sleep part of the way and wake up bright and fresh in Paris. Well I ended up only getting about 45 minutes of sleep and Tim got maybe an hour… all I could think about was sleep. Tim kept telling me that is like pulling an all night-er in college. Since when was pulling an all night-er in college fun?

To put it simply- Paris was beautiful. We went to the Louvre and it was free day which meant the museum was packed. We made a bee line for the Mona Lisa- which was surrounded by about 4 feet of on lookers. Her curious smile and her eyes staring directly at me- everything I had hoped. I can honestly say the painting was more moving in person, and I was a little skeptical.

Recommendations: Take a nap and everyone speaks in English.

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