Flesh Tones

OK I am obsessed. I have been exploring flesh tones in my studio. Tim came up to my studio and looked at me like a crazy person for having people's faces all over the place with photos/magazines/sketches. My studio is a disaster zone... again.
I've also been playing around with different color mixing recipes. It's funny how some use more paint and others use less.
burnt sienna/raw sienna/a light green/ with raw umber to darken - for the shadow
white/yellow ocher/ cadmium red - for the non shadow
cadmium red/burnt sienna - for the lips/cheeks/ warms
burnt sienna/cobalt blue- for the dark features
burnt sienna to outline the face
Cadmium Red/Raw Sienna/Yellow Ocher/Burnt Umber/Black - using different combos for all ranges of the face

Mix Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow. Touch of Ultramarine Blue. Then have white next to the pile of paint and slowly add the white until a good flesh tone has been achieved. Burnt umber to Darken

Burnt Umber for the underpainting. White/Yellow Ocher/Cadmium Red for the Fleshtone. White to lighten/ Burnt umber to Darken.


Cindy said...

i love your painting style. if i said it reminded me of fairfield porter i hope that would be a good thing. you are so brave to leave your day job to follow your passion for painting.

Michelle Brunner said...

I love all of the colors you used for the different skin combos. It is so hard sometimes to find out the right amount of color to use isn't it?! Great style:)