Let the fist pumping begin!

Consumed: 1 starbucks, 3 cups of coffee- home, tomato soup, grilled cheese, peanut curry chicken with brown rice. Only a slight over dose on caffeine.Woohoo! I finished this painting this week. I am getting a group of my paintings ready for Portland Open Studios. Portland Open Studios is a juried event were 100 artists open their studios for 2 weekends October. I am actually a little nervous about people coming to my studio.
Bachelorette Party this weekend and it's Jersey Shore Themed. :) Someone is making t-shirts with our Jersey name. I haven't seen the shirts yet! I have however thought of my Jersey name possibilities- would be E-dawg, E-monay, E-bomb, and maybe Easy-E. I have also come up with checklist to Guidette yourself.
1. Bump It. - I got mine for 5.99 at Wallgreens
2. Spray Tan
3. Fake Eyelashes
4. Short Shorts
5. Bear Claw like nails.

Have a good weekend! Yes I have been practicing my fist pump.

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Michelle Brunner said...

So in love with the new painting! Amazing detail as usual! Enjoy your bachelorette party! Sounds like a blast:)