Tips on Curating an Art Show

This is my first time curating a show- Portland Tarot Art Show and thankfully I have a team of girls helping me. We are in the phase that all the artists have been picked and they each have their card. There are over 110 artists participating in the event. Crazy!I am in charge of the artist wrangling and all of the organizational details. I never thought that all of my spreadsheet skills and business problem solving skills would honestly be so useful.Here is a list of things that I learned so far.

1. Get a Calender going- Deadlines. Agenda- I am not in charge of this one- but I have my list of dates and when things are do and when we need to get them done.

2. Get multiple Spreadsheets going- keeping tracking of your artists/vendors/venue.

3. Set up a separate email address for the show- and make everyone that has a question or needs something- email the box. This is key because then everything is in there and you don't have to worry about losing something. We set up a free account on gmail.

4. A list of guidelines/rules for the artists- I would say about 20% of the artists participating ask for an exception on something. And it's ok to say no. :)

5. If you have multiple people working on a project- have one person be the point of contact for an action item. For example 1 person is primary contact with the venue or 1 person is the primary point of contact for the artists. This is the best to eliminate confusion with any of the details.

The show isn't until November and I haven't even started on my piece.

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