You better work!

Consumed: 1 starbuck, 1 diet coke, 1 beer, Granola, Cesar salad, fondue, German sausage and sauerkraut (we went to happy hour woohoo)
Work of Art season finale was on last night and I totally called it from episode 1- the winner Abdi Farah. Bravo is starting to cast for the next season. Tim thinks I should apply, but I would totally be the one that cries on tv and has some big emotional break down. I'm sensitive. :)

Project Runway just started, which I love love love. I don't have any predictions yet, but I always have to cheer for the Portland people- which was episode 1 challenge winner, Gretchen. I have to admit the show made me want to buy Michael Kor designs, which I added one of his handbags to my permanent collection.
I used to sew a lot of my cloths in high-school even though I couldn't sew a straight line but I can sew a zipper. I did recently buy a sewing machine from an estate auction. Maybe some sewing is my future?

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