Monday Motivation

Alright I am all business this week.  I am going to get a lot of work done and I am Captain Motivation! I'll have some painting pics up tomorrow! Woohoo! I hope everyone had a good weekend, it was gorgeous here on Saturday.   
  My sisters, nieces and nephews were all in town and I was subjected to family time. My nieces and nephews are all little kids with out sensors while running and screaming.  I was actually surprised at my parental tone when I told the kids to not touch my dog's eyes and they should drink their milk like a grown up instead of with a spoon and spitting it back into the cup.

Both my sisters tell me- ""This is just birth control, Erika."


Kristin said...

just birth control, ha ha that's funny. get some babies already, you will be an awesome mom!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I am afraid!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i babysit for my friend's children, and I get all mommy mommy, all of a sudden. I don't recogn ize myself. They tell me they have fun with me because i'm crazy, and since when I'm with them I feel like i'm a hundred percent responsible I wonder what kind of person I am when i'm not with children. Or what kind of boring parents my friends are.
Your dogs are so cute!!