5 Tips- Beginning Oil Painting

Last week I went over a simple supply list to get started with oil paints.  I thought this week I should go over a simple list to get started with those supplies.

1.  Fat versus Lean.  Mixing a paint with oil makes it fatter and mixing your paint with Turpenoid makes the paint leaner.  Leaner paint will dry quicker.  :)Number 1 rule in oil painting.
2.  If you make a mistake either scrap it with a palette knife or wipe it with a rag/towel with Turpenoid.
3.  Prep your surface before you paint.  Prep your surface with a coat of gesso or acrylic paint and then sand.  You will use less paint and it won't soak into the surface. 
4.  Try doing an underpainting- pick a neutral color (like a burnt umber) and do a light sketch of the values of the painting and let it dry completely.
5.  If you want to keep your brushes- clean your brushes.  Wipe the excess paint on news paper or some artists have a wipe canvas.  Use Turpenoid to get the excess paint out.  Wipe again and then clean with soap and water.


Anonymous said...

Hey Erika, your commitment to painting is inspiring and refreshing!

Charlotte said...

What do you think of those "oil painting kit for dummies"? I mean if I just want to try it to see if I am interested. Just like you said, it sounds intimidating. Right now I have so many projects but I always want to try something new.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

If it were me starting all over again- I would get a Winsor Newton set- like the small one. Use a Michael's coupon. Then go to Art Media in PDX and you can get minis of the oil/turpenoid/ and some cheap brushes. :)