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Happy Friday! It was beautiful weather today and I had my Friday drawing class.  Some cute cows came and visited outside of the class. :) 
Here is my drawing- very Georgia O'keefe? Don't you think?  I struggled with the bones and we got in a huge discussion on what kind of animal it is.   Maybe Rudolph?  :)

This is the last weekend for Portland Open Studios, so if you are in the area come visit me. 

Have a good weekend! Creative thoughts out to the blog universe!


Noodles and Waffles said...

Maybe Dasher.

Anonymous said...

Creative thoughts...i need that today. Weather is terrible.Bones are incredibly difficult to draw. In art school we had a skeleton ( a real one) and we had to draw every part of it. Terrible.

FitspoBlonde said...

wow, you have such an incredible skill, these pictures are amazing!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Thanks for stopping by Ree :) I appreciate all the nice words :)