Friday Already?

Do you ever have one of those weeks were everything your making doesn't turn out how you want it? Well I totally am having one of those weeks! I think I need a good nights sleep and I need to be drinking more water.

Here is what I did in drawing class.  We are working on little drawings, so we did a bunch today.  Here are mine :)

Have a super weekend and a fresh start tomorrow.


Heartfire At Home said...

I could use a good nights sleep.... what's that!! I think I'm the eternal insomniac - lol.

I've been trying to drink more water too, it's hard to fit it in sometimes. Last week my chiropractor, who is extremely health and exercise conscious passed on a little tip. She said that the right formula (according to some medical journal she'd been reading) for the amount of water we should be drinking is your weight in kilograms multiplied by 30ml. I weigh 63kgs, so that means I should be drinking 1.8 litres of water a day - YIKES!! I seriously need to lift my game.

I love your drawings, especially the pears and the runners - great work!

Hope your weekend is lovely and that next week goes more smoothly.

Linda. xox

Anonymous said...

Ohh, don't tell me!! I had a super busy week I didn't even find the time to seat at the table to eat. Really. I had sandwichew s and pizza slices around town, all week. Today I'm relaxing.

Tracey said...

I'm sure a fresh start will work wonders for you ... I think sometimes creativity needs a breather from time to time.

Your drawings look beautiful! :)


Cindy said...

i like your little drawings. i like small things and i like you so it's all good to me. enjoy your weekend!

Michelle said...

I love your sketches...they are so charming and fresh.

Unknown said...

Don't be discouraged- these are nice sketches! I esp. like the chair sketch at the bottom. Cool cast shadows. That being said, I have definitely had weeks where I feel ineffective/I get what you're talking about. I have not found the cure but usually you can get a week that is extremely fruitful now & again to combat the bad ones. (o: