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Motivation Monday- Dreams

I think this was the first weekend were I realized we are in winter and it's starting to get cold with a chance of snow.   Portland doesn't get much snow but when it does even an inch, people act like it's like we are in a blizzard.- seriously. :)

So they say if you go to bed thinking of a question that you need an answer for it will come to you when you wake up.  I recently watched the documentary Nova on PBS about the study of dreams.  Scientists have been studying why we dream and the purpose for dreams.  When I was little girl, I had the same nightmare over and over about me falling out of a tree and then it progressed as I got a little older to me falling out of disney land ride (the dumbo one).  The hypothesis behind this in the documentary was that it was information being passed down about survival skills.  In the documentary they used the example of a girl being chased by a wolf.
The documentary also talked about how you can use dreams to learn and that while your body slept, your brain was problem solving.  They tested this by having someone play a skiing video game and when he woke up the next day and played the game- he was better at the game.

Some artists do a dream journal where they keep track of their dreams and other artists do a little journal right before bed time.  I often go to bed thinking about new ideas and for the first time I think it worked.  I woke up and I was motivated and I am super excited about some new art projects that I want to work on.

Happy Monday everyone! Thanksgiving right around the corner.


Felicity said...

I love this set of photos, they're so dreamy and mysterious. I was told in college to study for tests right before bed- it's true, it works!! : )

Cindy said...

i vividly remember some of my dreams and would also study just before bedtime like felicity. i'm glad to learn that dreams serve some purpose, too. love your choice of photos and the idea of new things to come!

Unknown said...

This is so interesting! I really have some bizarro dreams that always leave me wondering wtf?? And I have the same nightmare about running from a tornado. I've had it ever since i was a kid but I was in a tornado when I was 8 so I've always chocked it up to that. I also dream that I'm driving and I have no control over the car. So weird. Anyway, last night I was thinking about knitting and how I could get better and what I could make and I woke up thinking about it still so I should probably get to knitting now, right?!

Traveling Distances said...

This is interesting. I often have adventurous dreams and I wonder what it all means. I remember having a great idea for a project once before drifting off to sleep only to forget about it in the morning. I'll test out the method you mentioned and see if it works- I'd love to be inspired bright and early!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I have tornado dreams too! I attribute mine to stress though. Interesting about the dreams.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

My husband had the tornado dreams and my mom had the falling out of the tree dream. it's kinda funny :)

Anonymous said...

Folks in the Cincinnati area, where I live, are the same way about snow...the place shuts down with the littlest amounts!!! Love the photos...very beautiful...thanks for sharing them. And it's so true about dreams...I went to sleep last night thinking about a collage I'm working on now and while I don't think I dreamt about it, when I woke up this morning...there were lots of new ideas in my head!

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