Motivation Monday: Turning Lemons into Lemonade

I hope you had a great weekend.  I chased my nieces and nephews on the beach and stuffed myself to the brim with turkey.

I recently watched the documentary Lemonade and the documentary follows 16 creative individuals who have recently lost their jobs in the economy.  Since they are not able to get new jobs,  they have decided to follow what they are really passionate about.  Kevin Kearns now pursues his paintings and now sells 40-50 paintings a year in New York City.    Bob Weeks now is a professional coffee roaster owning his own roasting company.   Each story was really inspiring and I love seeing where they ended up.

I officially quit my job about 5 months ago and made the plan to quit my job about 1.5 years ago and this movie had me thinking about what made me pull the trigger to really leave.  I think a lot of people have had to make some creative choices to surviving and are happier because of it.  Since they have to make their creative choices- are they willing to work harder? Harder then they had to work before? and now is it more rewarding?


Anonymous said...

I'll have to keep an eye out for this, thank you for the inspiration. : )

Cindy said...

love your photos and would love to see that documentary. the clarity you had leaving your corporate job and faith in yourself are things that elude most.

in certain ways, the work is much harder because it's all on the artist and there's more range - accounting, marketing, creating, etc., but it shouldn't feel like work. it's different when you're working for yourself on something you love and you're the boss calling the shots. glad you had a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...

I chose to retire early from teaching almost a year ago for different of which was to explore life as an artist. It's been hard...but I feel it will be worthwhile in the long run!

Anonymous said...

I've had two major changes in my life: one was when I left Milan and came to the country eight years ago, the other one was when I quitted my job a year ago. It's been hardboth times but I would do it all over again because it's being so rewarding on so many levels. I've had doubts, mostly from envy people that got me into thinking I wasn't doing the right thing...It's always the right thing if you really want it and you are fully aware of all the risks.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I would love to see that documentary. I think one of the hardest things about being self-employed is being accountable to yourself! I make a daily "to-do" list and follow it. I'm a tough boss to work for!!

Tracey said...

Gosh, I must watch this documentary ... sounds fascinating and inspirational all at once! :)

AG Ambroult said... this movie sounds like one I can really sink my teeth into it. I had never heard of it.
thanks for stopping by my blog, The last thing I need is another fabulous blog with an even more fabulous person behind it to follow. But alas, one cannot ignore what they feel, can they? I am happy to have found this space! Your story is intriguing!