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Motivation Monday- Allowing yourself to dream

Do you allow yourself to dream?  There is always a million things to do in life and even just trying to stay above water, but do you allow yourself to dream?

Growing up I thought that being an artist was something people didn't become, I never even considered it being a dream until I got older.. maybe even a smidge wiser..  I thought people like me were suppose to aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer, but never dare to be different or take chances.   

I allowed myself to dream, and I let possibility in!

Don't worry Winston didn't swallow any crayons.  :) Am I the only one who likes the smell of crayons?

"Your mistake does not define who you are.. you are your possibilities." - Oprah Winfrey 

PS I have some new paintings and scribbles that I am going to show you this week and I am super excited about it.  :)


Michelle Brunner said...

Hi Erika! I love the new look of your blog! So organized:) Hope you got lots of fun painting done this weekend! Have a great Monday!

Noodles and Waffles said...

I definitely have dreams/aspirations. I want to be a master diver someday. I'm working for it...slowly but surely.

P.S. I used to eat the paper around crayons when I was a kid. I was a little off...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the motivational thoughts. I heard somewhere that if your goals don't seem impossible then you need set new ones. (o:

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I was always afraid to try to the crayons. lol. afraid to eat paste also..

Sarah Marguerite said...

This post is well-timed for me to read. Thanks.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I must be a dreamer...but I'm one of those glass is half full people. I can't wait to see your new work!!!!

Traveling Distances said...

I love your motivational monday posts- they get me thinking! I have lots of dreams and I try to work my way to make them reality one step at a time.

Tracey said...

I really loved this post Erika - it's a beautiful reality built from a dream ... as always I leave here feeling inspired! :)

It's funny how we constrain ourselves with concepts of what we think we 'should' be doing rather than doing what feels right.

Dreaming is magical and something I don't do often enough.

PS. I love the smell of crayons too, and I can't wait to see the new paintings! :)

Anonymous said...

To dream...often...although as of late it's been harder to do so...haven't been able to get lost in Christmas yet. Soon! Crayons don't taste like they smell...just stick to smelling them...I have a huge box full just for that...can't bring myself to actually use them so I just look at them and enjoy their smell!

Miss C said...

i love the smell of crayons. I use to have a jetta and people always said it smelled like crayons. I got into a friend's jetta recently and it also smelled of crayons. The smell in that car was a bit more poignant than in my jetta from a couple years back but that was because there were crayons left under the seat in my friend's car.
anyway, yes, the smell of crayons, especially crayola crayons is awesome.

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