Motivation Monday- Happiness

Over the past few years I have been on a pursuit of happiness.  (like the movie lol)

How does one describe happiness? is it enjoyment? maybe being content?  When does one reach happiness?

I think one of the biggest happiness obstacle in my life was the pressure to lead a cookie cutter life.  Granted, there is a formula for success- when I mean success I mean having your needs met like shelter/food/etc.  The formula of going to highschool.. then college.. then get married... then buy a house..  then have 2.5 children.. then work in a cubicle for 40 years.. then  retire.. then go fishing and play shuffle board.

Even though I highly enjoy shuffle board this formula isn't the right formaula for me and probably not for a lot of people.  I think once I realized that it was ok to be different and then I could pursue my own path for happiness.

Happiness is a lot of work but in the grand scheme of things well worth it.  Then I had to ask myself if I was willing to work for happiness?

PS- this is going to be a small series on motivation monday about happiness :) and pursuing happiness for the new year.  Can you believe its almost 2011?


Noodles and Waffles said...

I can't wait for this series.

I once dated someone that had my whole life planned out for me...down to the sprinkler system in the front yard. Yes, I ran from

Unknown said...

I've been realizing the same thing. People can't understand why I've chosen not having a baby now...or buy a house...and my thoughts are that not everyone's version of a happy life is the same. Maybe I don't want a baby or a house right now. Maybe I just want to drink some coffee & paint. (o;

Deer Little Fawn said...

Great post! I look forward to the rest of the series! :)

Michelle Brunner said...

I am also looking forward to this series! Happiness is such a personal thing and I think it is truly important to do what makes YOU happy! I think you are on the right paint for a living and you have traveled to many fun places!

I also agree that shuffle board is fun:) I loved to play that when I would visit my grandparents in Florida!

red-handed said...

I *need* the motivation.
p.s. I'm glad you're part-way there.

Cindy said...

sounds great and you are so young to be so wise. no, i can't believe the year is almost over!

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Nicely put! Finding what makes me happy is my biggest motivation!

Anonymous said...

I have always been described as wild or difficult. And that is just because I always said I don't want to get married or have children, even though I like guys very much and I adore children. I adore children. But being a mom or a wife wouldn't make me happy, or feel successful. When I left the fashion system people thought I was mad because a secure job and good money is what most people aim for, a life without risks, a mortgage, a mini van, a labrador...People is scared of freedom and also of real happiness from my point of view.

Charlotte said...

I hear you. Happiness is for you to define not by the world around you. I feel the same way.

I'm looking forward to the series. How appropriate for the new year!

Traveling Distances said...

I hate it when people assume I'm unhappy because I don't do/have to cookie cutter "happy" stuff. I think everyone has their own meaning/goal for happiness.

I can't believe we're 2.5 weeks away from 2011! Can't wait to read more in the series.