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I heart Portland

There is a new tv mini series coming and it's based on where I am from- Portland! The tv mini series is called Portlandia.  I am born and raised in Portland, and the city is sort of known for being quirky and artsy. 

There is an organization for keeping Portland Weird and there is even an annual naked bike ride that had over 13,000 people participating.  I haven't done it but I have seen it.  :) 

I was going to have a few friends over for the premier and I do need to have it themed.  Who doesn't love a themed get together?

I think I might need a shirt.  :)
For a proper party I would need invitations.
Oregon is the number 1 micro brew per capita in the WORLD! Yes we Oregonians love our beer.  I think I would choose to have a delicious Hair of the Dog
For the tasty little treat for the gathering I am going to have donuts.. Voodoo donuts.  "The Magic is in the Hole." They aren't any ordinary donuts.  They come with unusual toppings like butter fingers.. capitain crunch..bacon.. double bubble.. oreos.. So good! Also be warned if you go look at their menu, its a little naughty.

Also as for party favors I would have a party hat :) I do love a good hat.  Portland does have a pirate society. 

Argh! Mateys :)
If you do come and visit- summer is the best. :) Cheers!


Mandy Crandell said...

So fun! I know someone else from the area, and they posted a clip from the series on Facebook. It was all about the 90s (my favorite), and someone was wearing a Dinosaur Jr shirt! Love!

Laura said...

Ha! I heard of Portlandia but thought it was a movie - the mini series sounds quite fun! And as for your viewing party, I think it'd be great! I particularly like your idea of eating Voodoo Donuts while viewing!

sarah said...

I saw a little music video clip from Portlandia a while ago... it looks too funny! and I love those invitations/cards.

Joyce said...

I think a party and the series goes hand in hand. It could be fun! xo

Felicity said...

That looks like so much fun! I've 'met" so many people from Portland this year via blogging and pen pals. I would love to visit! And i've heard of Voodoo donuts, I so want to check them out. : )

Annie said...

I love Portland too (and live here as well) my husband and I saw that clip from the upcoming show and were really laughing! I just sometimes wish we weren't so soggy here... sometimes the constant rain and grey is a bit gloomy.

Unknown said...

I have never been but have a spot in my heart for Portland. And I think Portlandia should be pretty funny!

Marisa Seguin said...

This show looks great! I love Carrie Brownstein. I've never been to Portland but always wanted to visit. One day!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Quirky & artsy~ my kind of town!
Must visit one of these days~

Cindy said...

they were interviewed on npr today and i'm looking forward to the show ... i'll think of you!

Unknown said... cousin just moved from portland to seattle, like two days ago! i never got to visit her. Of course, I never visit anyone!!
what a fun way to celebrate your town's celebrity status!

Nymph711 said...

Oh lordy how your post makes me miss Portland! I went there at the start of last summer with my man friend and then dragged my parents down again in late August... man is your city intoxicating! I have been craving a wander through powells lately, and was raving about your backspace lounge poetry slam last night, at my own vancouver slam! Thank you so much for sharing!

Tracey said...

How exciting Erika!!

Your city (especially as told through your eyes as a tour guide), looks and sounds amazing. I hope the show does your city justice! :D

PS. I love TV show premiere parties with friends, they're so much fun! :)
... don't forget to roll out that red carpet ... ;)

Michelle said...

I will definitely check out the show...sounds fun!

Unknown said...

Portlandia looks hilarious! i get it, born raised in Seattle, schooled at Evergreen, artsy Northwest etc...
Love your red hair!

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