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Motivation Monday-Synchronicity

Did the weekend just zip zip by? An interesting thing happened to me over the weekend.  :) I got mail! Not just ordinary mail- but I got art mail.
A few years ago I watched the documentary How to Draw a Bunny, and the artist Ray Johnson would send out massive amounts of art mail.. like just a drawing.. or maybe a puzzle.. or even a riddle. Since watching that documentary I have always wanted to get a few artsy pen pals.  A letter you can keep, and something that is extra special.  :)  I tried to do this with a few of my friends but the correspondence would always fizzle out.
 But recently for the first time, I got art mail and I was super excited about it.  It's funny because sometimes you just have to ask for something, and it just happens.  :) Synchronicity is a funny thing, but I welcome it!
"The idea of synchronicity is that the conceptual relationship of minds, defined as the relationship between ideas, is intricately structured in its own logical way and gives rise to relationships that are not causal in nature. These relationships can manifest themselves as simultaneous occurrences that are meaningfully related."- Wikipedia
Have you experienced synchronicity? I never really thought I did until I noticed the little things like this or maybe I just allowed synchronicity to happen.  Also this reminds me not to give up, sometimes you have to let it go, and it will happen!
Happy Monday!
PS- My new art mail pen pals.  Felicity and Dave :)


Unknown said...

first of all, i can't say it enough, your pups are adorable!!
this is a great post! i love finding new and interesting blogs through other blogs...i may need to quit one of my jobs to keep up on my reading though! :)
checking into this art mail thing. what a great way to keep your creative mind working.

Mandy Crandell said...

I got one from Felicity too! I can't wait to start sending out my art mail!

Felicity said...

Your dogs name is Yoda? How's that for synchronicity??!! : )

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

hmmm this post makes me ponder!
it does happens when least expected perhaps?
Didn't know you have a cute pug!!
I have 4 at home~ pug love fest!


sarah said...

mail is the best!

and flowers pick themselves said...

oooh, great post!

also, i LOVE getting real mail, especially from felicity. so much fun.

xo Alison

Anonymous said...

I wish someone could send me some real mail too. All I get are emails about cheap prices of certain blue pills. How sad is that?

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

4 pugs! That is a full house !

Bobbi- if you want to exchange letters- just shoot me an email with your address :)

Unknown said...

I love mail. Everything about it down to the stamps that come on the envelopes! :D

Noodles and Waffles said...

Art mail. How fun!

Traveling Distances said...

I love getting mail! They have a nice, personal touch that even the convenience of e-mails can't replace.

I think you'll like HK- it's very easy to navigate and there's lots to do. While you're in this side of the world, stop by Bangkok sometimes!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I just joined up to get some artmail. I'm excited about it too!!!

Michelle said...

Isn't it great when everything falls into place?

This looks fun...can't wait to see more!

Annie said...

getting a nice piece of mail these days is few and far between... let alone art mail!!! jealous! ;)

Angela said...

I experience it every time I drive Aubrey's car. He has a VW Passat wagon with a bike rack on top. There isn't a VW dealership anywhere near our town and even though there are a few Beatles, Aubrey has the only Passat. Well, one day I was driving his car to work and I saw this lady across the highway from me at the red light in an identical car (except a lighter color -- and she looked like an older version of me!) Well, I never ever see this lady unless I am in Aubrey's car. I only see her from across the street. I have never been next to her at a light or seen her car in any parking lot. I did look in my rearview mirror when she passed one day and she has an "I Heart Yoga" bumper sticker... now, my goal is to find her, meet her, and find out all about her. Problem is, Aubrey's car has been in the shop for months and now that it is out it still has some problems so I have not been driving it - so I have not seen the lady.

Tracey said...

Art mail looks like a beautiful thing ... in fact I think mail of any hand-written or hand-created design is a delight to receive.

Sometimes we just have to ask the right question to have it happen ... gotta love that synchronicity.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's my art did get it! How wonderful!! (Thanks for the plug as well!!!) Maybe this is the start of something really fun...hope so!!!

Andytgeezer said...

Great choice - even with Ray Johnsons demise, mailart is still stronger than ever today! Great to see you have joined IUOMA, and hope to see some of your mailart soon on there and maybe on my REAL wall - The mailart world welcomes you with open arms!

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