4 things- bling bling.

 What are your plans for the weekend?  My husband has been plotting and planning a romantic date.. Well he is on the hook for planning at least 2 dates a year Vday and our wedding anniversary.  I think I am too easy on him. :)  I told him this year I will gladly accept grocery store flowers and some trader joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  (super yum yum) I have been slaving away in my studio this week and I have been working on a few mixed media paintings... GASP! I know mixed media.  I have been having dreams about wall paper patterns..  I will share soon.  :)
 I also have been tagged on a few different blogs and I publicly apologizing that I am behind.  Haha! Me? Behind? Never!  I was tagged by the lovely and talented fellow blogger Tee, Passports, and Postcards.

4 shows I watch.  First of all don't judge me. I am heavily addicted to reality television.  I know I know.. evil.  My husband says the same thing.  Reality television probably has some brain developmental side effects that they will tell us in 20 years.  
1.  Judge Judy- all my legal advice I have ever learned has been from JJ.  I have even seen people I know on the show.  
2.  True Blood- Who doesn't love vampires?
3.  The Jersey Shore- so horrible it's good. There hair and outfits hurt my eyes but I love it- I can't look away.  I will admit I DVR the show. 
4.  The Office - Has anyone else secretly wanted to put a evil co-workers stapler in jello or is it just me? 
4 things I am passionate about.
1.  Making Art- especially paintings. love painting.. love looking at paintings.. hanging out with paintings. paintings could be my friends. I also love just the act of making.
2. Adventure- Seeing the world- I feel like the world is changing and we only have a small window of time to really see everything. 
3.  Living life to the fullest... which I think goes hand in hand with pursuing happiness.  
4.  Photography- I take a lot of pictures and I found an old Polaroid camera.. which I am super excited about.  I just need to find film.

4 phrases or words that I say a lot.
1.  Think there is something in the water?
2.  Why hello!
3.  Where are you getting these facts?
4.   I can hear an angel getting their wings. :)

4 things I have learned from the past

1.  "A day with out laughter is a day wasted" - Charlie Chaplin.  This was also my senior quote in my ages ago year book. 
2.  Live life and take chances.  I don't want to be 90 years old and have never done anything.  I know the world was a different place for our parents.. grandparents.. and great grand parents.  We only have a little time to do so much in the world.
3.  Make your mark.  What are people going to say about you when you are gone?
4.  Be simple.  You don't need a fancy house or fancy car to be happy.  Splurge on what makes you happy as an individual.  I am thinking about that delicious hazelnut latte that is calling my name.

4 things I did yesterday

1.  I took a nap with my dogs.  They are snuggle beasts.
2.  Painted most of the day and left the house with a big streak of blue paint on my forehead.
3.  I made home made bean and bacon soup.  I always think winter is soup weather.
4.  I enjoyed a delicious hazelnut latte.

4 places I would like to go
1.  Fiji 
2.  Argentina
3.  London
4.  Tokyo

4 things I am looking forward to.

1.  I have a big project I am launching soon.. nervous.. fingers crossed.  I am on top secret orders.  The photo above is a sneaky peak.
2.  Traveling too Asia this year..
3.  Making a ton of art and having them find new homes.
4.  Drinking a delicious hazelnut latte.  (I am just seeing if you are paying attention)

4 things I love about Winter

1.  The smell- its a Portland thing.  We have lots of green trees here.
2.  Soup/Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea.. All food related items that are not acceptable in summer weather.
3.  Dressing up my dogs in their winter jackets
4.  Wearing a scarf.  I have a lucky one.

4 things on my wish list

1.  Be able to make art the rest of my life.
2. To be on Oprah. :) You never know.
3.  To go live in Paris for 3 months.
4.  To have a New York City Solo Art Show.
4 bloggers I am tagging.
1.  YOU.. yes I said you!
2.  Your mother.
3.  Your mothers mother.
4.  Your mothers mother mother

Happy weekend! :) Can't wait to see your 4 things blog.


Mandy Crandell said...

Oh no! Does that mean me? I 'm never any good at these things. As far as Polaroid film is concerned, hop on over to http://www.the-impossible-project.com/. That's where I purchase my film.

Noodles and Waffles said...

Judge Judy. Now that is something I didn't know about you. Fun.

Traveling Distances said...

I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about you. I love mixed media art so I can't wait to see what you're working on.

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

This is funny. It's hilarious that you watch Judge Judy. I think you might be the only one I know! Also, you reALLY like Hazelnut lattes, don't you!

Have a great weekend, Erika!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Those lattes are my weakness. My dad watches JJ and we got hooked together.

Michelle Brunner said...

I LOVE the Office! Over my maternity leave I have been having an Office marathon thanks to Netflix:) Hazelnut Lattes sound divine as well...think I will go and make one right now. Good luck with your mixed media artwork, can't wait to see it! Happy Weekend!

Cindy said...

i love this one -

i can hear an angel getting their wings. :)

have a loverly weekend!

jenna said...

nice blog revamp!

red-handed said...

I hope you have a great date (maybe in Argentina?).

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Fun :-) I'd love to go to Japan and Argentina, too.
No interesting plans for this weeked as I'll beworking ;-)

sarah said...

I spent the first part of my weekend visiting my friends at my old school, and the rest of the weekend will be devoted to such mundane things as laundry, grocery shopping, and homework!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your top secret project.
I guess nobody's judging you for watching bad tv. We all do.

Tracey said...

Oh, I really love your 'four things' Erika ... such a great read! :)

I'm completely addicted to 'The Office' and I love 'True Blood' too ... I figure reality tv is a bit of mindless escapism, which is kind of ironic when you think about it! ;)

I'm so excited about your Asian travels this year ... I can't wait to hear about your adventures and see your photos! :)

But most of all I think I'm looking forward to your 'top secret' project ... I can't wait until all is revealed!! :D

PS. I'd love to live in Paris for three months too ... just writing, wandering and dreaming ... (and drinking lots of coffee of course).

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

Wow, I am feeling pressure to return the tag from you and Nicole. You guys have such great responses...how will I live up?? ahhh!

But your responses are awesome though...it was like reading my own thoughts! I am so with you on the living life to the fullest :)

And I also consider Jersey Shore a guilty pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

four is a good number...great lists! i relate more to 3's...seems everything works that way for me...