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Motivation Monday- Are you resisting creativity or nourishing it?

Happy Monday! I hope you had a super awesome weekend. Thank you for helping me spread the word about my Kickstarter Project, I feel like I just can't thank you enough for all of your help.   I have a special surprise- my Portland friend Kat really wanted to guest post a motivation Monday :)  So here goes..
In the word’s of one of my favorite inspirational bloggers, Seth Godin, “What matters, what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making. Something risky. Something human.”
We are all very familiar with the voice of resistance…well at least I am…  the resistance to the doing, making and living our dreams…
.....resistance.......... to the life force that resides deep inside ourselves, our soul; our truth. I know that in order to get over the resistance I have to creating, I need plenty of sleep and plenty of time by myself...... to think, do nothing and get my imagination running……
I often imagine that the soul, that harbors the creativity within each one of us, is a garden.  And that garden needs to be watered, exposed to sunlight, nourished and cared for in order to bloom.
Spring is in the air here in Portland and things are beginning to bloom. How will you overcome your resistance to creating? How will you nourish your creativity and soul this Spring?  
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Jen said...

Now this is my kind of post!! I love thought provoking words like these :-)

Happy Monday Dear! xo

Oh, and pop by and enter by GIVEAWAY today!

Mandy Crandell said...


Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

On this dreary Monday at work, I am lacking both sleep and time to myself. And I've started to realize that lack of sleep nowadays really inhibits my good mood AND desire to create and be pro-active.

I have always labeled my resistance as 'procrastination' and I really enjoyed reading your take on it.

Thanks for a motivational guest post Kat - I loved it!

Jenn xo

sarah said...

beautiful, and loving the plant photos as well!

Michelle Brunner said...

Beautiful outdoor pictures! Wish spring was popping up here!

Tracey said...

I love your motivational posts, and this delightful one is no exception ... as ever, it is thoughtful and thought-provoking.

I think I've been resistant in the past, so I'm now working overtime to nourish my creativity. It's the best kind of garden to grow I reckon! :)

the chirpy bird said...

nicely put!
inspiration and creativity are such an interesting thing. The whole process of cultivating it is quite the delicate one.
Lovely pics too :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement...I seem to have this big wall of resistance built up in me as of late...need to work through this!!! Your posting helps...

Jessica said...

I recently learned that adrenaline creates the right combination of chemicals in your brain to produce creativity. So pushing yourself, doing something outside the box, anything to get you a little scared may get (and keep) the creative juices flowing!

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