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Motivation Monday- the winter blues.

 Hello! How was your weekend? It was so great to have a weekend away and enjoy a few days off with my husband and some of our friends. We ate as many oysters and clams as we could and drank as many margaritas as we could hold (Yes I remember most of the weekend lol) .  My little dogs were so tired from running around on the beach that they snored and snored until they woke each other up.
Portland is so gray this time of year and seeing pictures around the the wintery part of the world.  I thought "Motivation Monday" should be about how to cure the winter blues and stay motivated.
1.  Drink something warm.  My beverage of choice is a hazelnut latte- just thinking about it makes me want to go out and get one.  So delicious!  Also having something while your working helps you stay extra motivated and extra focused.  Here is one I had last week and let me tell you- it was scrumptious!
2.  Get out of your house and do something that involves your creativity or letting your brain be creative.  Sometimes there is so much pressure to get so much stuff done, that you need a minute to let your brain be creative and just plain think.  Go play in the snow or the rain- its just water. :)
3.   Start a project.  Sounds easy right?  Recently I have been sending out art mail and am loving it! It lets me not worry about anything and just lets me make something special that goes out into the world.  Also its something I don't have to over think. 
Another person that I know who  is following her dream is in Italy and she just recently opened up an adorable little boutique, Bobbi- the lazy designer.  Her passion and out look on life is very inspiring and motivating.  She also 9 fluffy little cats.   :)
Happy Monday! This is going to be an amazing week.  Hopefully the sun will be out and spring will be here.


Mandy Crandell said...

I need all the motivation I can get this time of year. I get really depressed in the winter. I wish I was on top of the art mail like you and Felicity. I just can't sit down and do it.

Michelle Brunner said...

Good post! I am totally having the winter blahs right now. All we seem to get is snow here in Ohio. Spring will hopefully be here soon (wishful thinking!)

I ALWAYS have to have something warm to drink. Love hazelnut lattes...yum! Hope you have a great Monday!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Great post! Love the photos you put with it!

Angela said...

Glad you had a great weekend! As always, GREAT tips!!

Traveling Distances said...

I love the idea of cures for the winter blues, but I'll substitute my weather conditions- the hot heat- instead ;) Always love your positive vibes.

As for HK tips, things you must try: eggette waffles, mango smoothies, dim sum, fried doughnut (esp with congee).

Elizabeth said...

I just love that photo of your dog on the beach. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks. My " adorable little boutique " thanks you too. It's the first time my shop is being called boutique...I think it's too fancy for what it is in reality, buit I love it!!
hazelnut latte...mhmhmmm...but I am addicted to green tea, chai, and cappuccino.

Nymph711 said...

I love your motivational Mondays :) and your art mail :) Care to be pen pals ? :)

sarah said...

mm hazelnut anything is delicious!

great motivation, as always! I'm glad you had a nice weekend :)

Marcie said...

Great tips! I especially love the drink something warm. I think I shall do that right now!

xo Marcie

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Yeay, Mondays need a little push in the right direction. Hot anything helps everything : )

Anonymous said...

Great tips...I need something to get me motivated. I've been loving making mail art...and getting it. I have several "started but can't get back into.." projects sitting around. Time to either finish them or pitch them!!!

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

I'm definitely experiencing the winter doldrums this week so your post is perfectly timed!

And I just may take your advice and start on one of my art ideas this week because being creative always makes me feel better too :) Of course, staying home from work in my warm bed with my cats would also make me feel better! lol

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