5 interesting facts about Hong Kong.

I am researching Hong Kong for my kickstarter project and I wanted to share with you some amazing fun facts.  :) Be warned #4 is a little gross.. but interesting.  I may be a tiny bit obsessed with finding out as much information as I can before I go.
 1. A bun festival is organized on Cheung Chau Island, between April and May, every year. It is intended to appease the hungry ghosts roaming around the island.  They make bun towers and you go up and snatch a bun,  but since 2007 it's made of plastic buns.  Can you imagine a tower made of real buns? I wonder what's the shelf life. :) The higher you are able to grab a bun, the better fortune you will have.
2.  Hong Kong has more Rolls Royce’s per person than any other city in the world.  I think I have seen maybe 1 Rolls in my life and soon to be surrounded by them.
3.   If you eat Noodles on your birthday- it will extend your life.  I wonder if I can start eating noodles now and I can catch up on my non eating noodle birthday years.
4.  Hong Kong is considered the most densely populated city in the world. One of Hong Kong's major exports is human sewage, which the Chinese use to fertilize farmlands.  :) I warned you about this one.
 5.  Residents of Hong Kong are referred to as Hong Kongers.   
 Happy Wednesday! Can you believe almost weekend time?  


Mandy Crandell said...

Those are great! I would love to see a bun tower!

Angela said...

Hong Konger -- I like it!!

#4 is gross and I am not so sure I would want to eat food grown with human crap...don't know why but it REALLY grosses me out to think of that!

But that reminds me: Aubrey works for our city. When there is any city job that needs to be filled they send out notices. Well, the sewage department needed a new shift operator...except on the notice they made a typo and it said "Shit operator" but I guess it would be the same thing, right?

belinda marshall said...

very interesting!
must be getting exciting thinking about your trip :)

Traveling Distances said...

The bun grabbing (hope that doesn't sound funny) sounds like a lot of fun- you'll probably get to join the festivities, so let us know how that goes!

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

Wow #4 was super gross! I was too intrigued not to read it though, but kind of wish I didn't know that :)

Loved the tidbits though, I'm going to want to head to Hong Kong too by the time you go!

ckscribbles said...

Number four was gross but at least its going to the greater good! Ilove that you are learning so much about Hong Kong and that you are informing me. (just in case I ever decide to go ;))

sarah said...

a bun festival, ha! I made a drawing of hungry ghosts once, but I think I was inspired by Tibetan folklore... maybe they're related though!

and so I'm told- people have been telling me I'm like a little old lady since I was a kid! thanks for asking about school- I'm actually on break, though! back to my regular artsy and academic pursuits next week though :)

Cindy said...

i love those buns and #4 is gross, but great trivia for parties ;).

Tracey said...

Such fantastic facts about a wonderful, amazing place - it's so very exciting Erika!! :D

Gillian said...

This place have artwork that is tailored for Hong Kong: