Motivation Monday- Pulling the Trigger.

 Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was so busy seeing a few special lady friends, chomping on cheeseburgers and staying dry from all the rain.
I was talking with one of my best gal pals and we were talking about what made us pull the trigger.  Pulling the trigger to want to be different and do something new.. something not apart of our regular life. For me I couldn't imagine myself being in a cubicle for 40 years and the sheer stress alone made me pull the trigger.  Granted both my parents are cubicle workers and I am grateful for and lucky that my parents are such hard workers.
I want to pose this question to you- What is going to take for you pull the trigger and so you can lead your life to the fullest?
PS: I got a mention of my kickstarter project on ReadyMade.  Can you believe it?


stephanie said...

Some days I think I'm ready to pull the trigger...and other days I feel like I'm too tired to even try to change a thing.

I think I am getting ready to pull a trigger regarding my health and I'm feeling pretty excited about it. :)

Unknown said...

Wow - ReadyMade? That's awesome, Erica!

So - I pulled the trigger last July. While I'm still not doing what I want to be doing (we're moving, so I can't) I'm so happy I pulled that trigger. I hated my law firm job, hated it so much. I made such good money and was really good at what I did, but it wasn't enough to keep me coming in every day. My husband encouraged me to quit and said he would support me until I figured out what would make me happy. So I did. And I haven't regretted it since. When I'm down on myself and bored at home and wishing I had a job, I just remember how awful that one was and I'm over it.

Soon, I'll be opening an affordable boutique in Louisville after we move and get settled in. For now, I treat blogging as my full-time gig and I'm volunteering at a no-kill shelter, so I feel pretty good about things aside from my lack of a paycheck!

Sorry I wrote a novel :)

Unknown said...

That's great!! the more exposure the better!!

Michelle Brunner said...

How exciting to be on Readymade! Yay! Wonderful exposure for you!

Traveling Distances said...

I think having a lot of time to think and being in a low point caused me to pull the trigger- I was going to do it earlier this year, but my back up plan didn't work out so I'm figuring out my next move in the mean time. I just hope my plan works this time around!

Unknown said...

Love this! Getting laid-off from my full-time job (which I hated) caused me to pull the trigger and buckle down on developing my own piano studio at home. It's something I'd done before, but was too scared to rely on when I moved to a new city--and we were in too great of a need for money. Once I got laid-off, I took it as a sign... and, somehow, things sky-rocketed. I now enjoy what I'm doing and I'm my own boss. Can't beat that.

Anonymous said...

in my case the trigger pulled itself and I just took advantage of it. The company where i worked closed and I decided not to search for another job but to create my own. And so came the shop!!

Tracey said...

My fingers is getting rather itchy resting on that trigger day by day ... I'm pretty sure my trigger will come with my overseas adventure to Japan ... I very much doubt I'll be able to return to what was once my normal 'day job'.


Angela said...

What made me pull the trigger was a fight with my brother who was my boss at the time. I don't know what was different about this particular fight (we are as different as night and day and have always fought) but I just had that "take this job and shove it moment." I walked out and never looked back.

Angela said...

Oh and Ready Made?!!! How cool is that?

Ashlyn said...

It is really cool to see that you got mentioned on ReadyMade! I'm also definitely going to help by at least spreading the word about your project because I really believe in what your doing!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

Wow, this one hit close to home and I'm really enjoying reading all the comments...I'm always surprised by how much of the blogging community is so similar to me in desire to try something new and creative!

That's certainly not the case where I work and I've been itching to pull the trigger for awhile now!

Like you, I think some of us just aren't built to be satifisfied with a 9-5 corporate job. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have always thought it was in my DNA to do my own thing...especially since my dream job can't really be found in the want ads - so it's up to me to create it!

Again, awesome post...and congrats on Readymade - that is fabulous!!