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Are you a Villain or a Superhero?

Are you a villain or a superhero?  Recently we saw a group of people walking around Portland all dressed up in Halloween costumes.  Umm.. It's April not October :) but only in Portland (or should I say Portlandia).  Someone shouted out.. Are you a villain or a superhero? I try to think I am more of a superhero type person.. I let people cut in front of me in traffic while not flipping the bird.. I always support the girl scouts when they come knocking on my door and they ask me to buy a box of cookies.. I always say no I will take two!  See superhero qualities right? but I do love to dress up as a villain when Halloween rolls around.
Here is the pic from the other night.  Check out that pitch fork.   My favorite superheroes of all time!
My favorite villains of all time. :)

Here are a few etsy finds to help you with your inner superhero or villian.  
Are you a superhero or a villain? :)


Noodles and Waffles said...

Probably a superhero because villains are always wittier than I am.

Anonymous said...

Fun post! I always needs to honor their dark side...otherwise there would be no "light" side!!

Unknown said...

I like to say superhero cause I like to do good and all, but I do like to dress up as villains when it comes to Halloween. WIth the exception of last year when I was sweet David the Gnome.

Cindy said...

when it comes to other people i am a super hero, but to myself, sometimes, i am quite the villain. i never thought of it this way and i'm going to try and be a super hero all the time.

jamison said...

mm, good question. i'd like to think i am more superhero than villian... even superheros have bad days right?

your blog is fantastic -- so happy to find it via a comment on colleens quaint handmade (one of my favs).

Anonymous said...

I am a superhero with cat ears!

sarah said...

ahhh portland seems like such a fun city to live in!

Tracey said...

I think I'm more of a superhero, which is why I'd probably dress up as a Villian ... they always seem to have more fun! ;)

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