Motivation Monday: What's in Your Way?

 Hello Hello! How was your weekend?! Did you survive the rapture?  I am back to this regular scheduled program.  I love love love to travel but I really missed 3 things.  The first thing that I missed was WIFI. Am I a horrible person to need WIFI all hours of the day? Does that make me a spoiled brat? If I had to choose between running water and WIFI.. I would probably pick WIFI.  I also missed having clean clothes.  They were clean when I wore them but carrying around dirty clothes drives me crazy! I think it might have something to do that I have pretty clumsy and I always spill everything on myself and am running into things and tripping.. falling down... which in turn dirty clothes faster :) Last thing I missed was of course my sweet little dogs who came back from prison (kennel).  They were very plump and happy to see me.  I can't wait to tell you everything about my adventures in a distant land! 
First of all this week I want to talk about something really important to kick off the week! What is the one thing that is getting in your way? It took me a really long time to figure out the answer and I had to dig deep.  The answer is simple which I think sometimes the simple answers are always the hardest to grasp.  The answer is yourself.   I think we all have that little voice of our inner critic.. always wanting to cast it's shadow and put little negative thoughts in your head.
I know that I totally over think/over analyze and sometimes talk myself out of doing an idea or project.  My inner critic takes over and then it over shadows the direction that I need to go.
Today I am taking responsibility and I am not going to let myself get in the way of all the amazing things that I want to accomplish and need to accomplish in my little life.  Don't let yourself get in the way this week  Turn off that inner critic, it's just getting in the way of your potential. :) Happy Monday friend!


Abbie said...

What a lovely post! I'm feeling very much that I'm getting in the way of my own success at the moment... namely by allowing myself to get horribly distracted when I should be revising for my final year exams!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Yesterday I had this conversation with a friend about people who've always known what they wanted and knew they'd get there. We eventually agreed that it's all about focusing and never doubting yourself. It's tough though, especially with all the distractions and all the unsaid rules nowadays. However I too have decided to say goodbye to my inner critic and try to take some things to the next level.
I started today already! Just this morning I fixed all the things I never managed to fix on my blog. (ok, there's still one thing left, but most is resolved!)

Anyway, I haven't been commenting much, but I really love seeing what you're up to there in Hong Kong!

sewa mobil said...

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stephanie said...

I love this! I completely agree with you and I'm going to stay out of my way as well!

Lesley Myrick said...

Not having wifi is tragic. I'm counting down the days until I can get an iPhone... :)

Annie said...

fantastic thoughts, thank you for sharing... Im going to keep this post in mind to keep me motivated!

Unknown said...

wow! that flew by, no? welcome back...i love the love you get from the 'kids' when you come home from a trip!
great post today!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Cheers to that, Erika!
....especially on Monday!!
My heart+brain are still on weekend mode!


Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

Welcome home!!!!

I feel a little selfish because I'm happy that you're back home in the land of Wifi :) hehee And back home with your sweet pups!

I completely understand where you are coming from with this post. I definitely have stood in my way for too long but it is a daily process to push through my mental blocks and keep the forward progress.

I also tend to over think/over analyze about ideas and projects till I talk myself out of doing them as well (are you also a Virgo, lol!)?

It's nice to know that there are other people out there with the same struggles, so keep up the motivation posts! I definitely needed it today :)

Jenn xo

sarah said...

when I was sick and on bedrest in peru I kept sneaking out to go to the internet cafe! glad to have you back :)

Miss C said...

Portland welcomes you back! I am excited to read about your trip!