Motivation Monday- A Place of Yes!

How was your weekend? Did you have a little sunshine in your neck of the woods?   Our weekend went off with out a hitch- we hiked and our poor noses got burned- like lobsters!
I also have a small confession to make.   First of all I want to say I just LOVE books!  I love reading the words and having pages go through my fingers and maybe even the weight of the book. My husband gave me his old Ipad and I reluctantly downloaded a book.  I went to Asia with about 10 books in tow- and I knew I would leave books a long the way because I just couldn't give up my books.  Sadly I ran out of books.  My first Ipad book was A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel.  This Motivation Monday- we are going to talk about discovering your place of yes.
Why do I think you would love this book because it comes from an honest place. Even though Bethenny is a reality tv star, she is successful with business and love. I am a lucky girl, I found my husband who is my best friend and although marriage is extremely rewarding it's also a lot of hard work.  Bethenny gives pretty frank advice about her journey in finding love and navigating through different kinds of relationships including some of the toxic ones. I know everybody's life isn't perfect but the book gave me some great advice about being honest with yourself and recognizing those relationship road blocks and being able to move past them.  
The second part of the book that I loved talks about her slew of small businesses and then when those business finally gained momentum.  I consider myself an first artist first but I have to be an entrepreneur and business minded to run all my businesses. A place of yes comes from doing your best and not backing down because you want it while being your authentic self.  Finding your authentic self is tough and I know it took me a long time to be comfortable in my own skin and be ok with just being me. Everyone has good parts and bad parts, but one shouldn't apologize for just being yourself. :)
Martha Stewart's Apprentice- Bethenny is second on the right- Reality TV
This week really listen to your authentic self and set no limits- it's about acting on them and telling yourself Yes I can!.


Joyce said...

We did have sunshine. Too much because I trying to post today. I normally do this on Sundays. :)
I love the quote, one shouldn't apologize for just being yourself", it so true. Enjoy! xo

Miss C said...

Have you read "If you have to cry go outside?"
awesome and motivational and not quite what I expected from kelly cutrone. she has a new one out but it's expensive in hardback and I'm a really fast reader so I'm waiting to see it for cheaper.


Megan @ Pink O'Clock said...

i love this post! and i love bethenny (i do her yoga workout religiously), so i'm totally going to have to check this out. thanks for sharing!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Woah~ did not know she was part of Martha's reality show. That show was pretty bad, yes?

Mandy Crandell said...

I've never heard of this woman. Sounds like an interesting read, though.

Cindy said...

i like her, a lot. she's a tough cookie and whip smart. selling her skinny girl margarita company after just a few years for about $120 million is not too shabby! and although she was second place on the martha stewart show and skating with the stars, i don't remember who won either of those contests :).

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

I LOOVE Bethenny Frankel! I have loved her ever since she was the much needed comic relief on the NYC Housewives for telling it like it was and her spin-off reality show is the greatest. Her honesty (and sarcasm) is so refreshingly honest.

And I feel like I can relate to her in so many ways, especially in her pursuits and dreams as an entrepreneur...and for acknowledging that she's the crazy one in her relationship.

I find her passion and drive so inspiring and the fact that it has recently paid off (so HUGE) is even more a testament to her, this book and for never giving up on your dreams.

Based on your recommendation, I'm definitely going to check this book out!!

Jenn xo