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Weekend Plans!

Happy Friday! It is so gorgeous outside right now, and I am so happy summer is finally here! I can't even tell you how excited that we finally have sunshine here.  It's been so incredibly rainy since we have gotten back from Asia, and I have missed the sun. What are you up to this weekend? This weekend is going to be a busy one- I have an art show tonight and then this weekend we are going to go for a bike ride and then for a nice long hike with picnic included. 
My blog makeover is almost complete but I have a few more buttons and finishing touches to still add and I hope you all like it as much as me.  It's amazing how much time you can put into just getting everything just perfect!


Unknown said...

the makeover looks great!! and your weekend sounds like a dream! have a good time. I'll be working, but hubby promised me a gin&tonic out in the yard when he gets home tonight :)
wish i could be in portland to see your stuff. have fun.

Felicity said...

Congrats on your show Erika! I hope you have a blast and a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

good luck for your show!! I'm going to have a busy week end too...
I like how your blog looks .

Tracey said...

I'm loving your new blog look ... and your photos are lovely!!

I think your weekend sounds like it's going to be pretty close to perfect, and I'm looking forward to hearing how your art show goes.

I'm trying to catch up on everything this weekend, I've been a bit slack of late. But I'm also planning on doing a lot of lazing about as well! :)

Heartfire At Home said...

Love, love, love the makeover! Your new header is fab! I'm in report writing mode for school this weekend (and have been doing testing and correcting for weeks in preparation), so most of it will be 'head down' and working. Taking a small break now to visit some blogs and catch up on some commenting!

Congrats and good luck for your show!

Traveling Distances said...

The makeover looks great! Hope you are show went well :)

Anonymous said...

I like the new look! Seems everyone is in the mood to do makeovers...I just changed the look on my blog and tumblr as well!

Noodles and Waffles said...

The makeover looks fantastic!

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