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Vegas in a List

Isn't it just funny when you peak into your bag and you find all the random odds and ends from your vacation?   I know I just love saving all the little receipts, brochures, wrappers, and bags- and I can see after a week in Vegas the picture above is what I ended up with.

1.  We saw 1 Cirque de Soleil show- O at the Bellagio.  This was my first time seeing something like this and I can't even express how simply amazing it was. It's a rare thing when you can see imagination and wonder hard at work. O is the first Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas and it was well worth every second. :)  I can still see the diving performers and all the mystical creatures of the Opera house. (alright I am not giving away any more - you will have to go see the show).

2.  I read 2 whole books- The Help - which is the summer must read. I also read Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.  I have had this book forever and for some reason I could never get passed the first couple of pages.  This time I did and once I got past the first chapter I couldn't put it down and I was dieing with laughing at all his naughty humor. 

3.  We completely got lost about 3 times- we stayed at the Venetian and this was our fold out map. It's always amazing to me how big but yet small Vegas is.

4 tickets to take the Portland Max to and from the airport.  In my town our Metro is called the Max- and it drops you right off at the airport. If you ever come to Portland- this is a great way to get into the city for only a few bucks.

5.  There was a little bakery by our hotel room called Bochon and they had macaroons! We stopped for a little coffee and snack here and there .. well actually we stopped by 5 times! but it was so yummy. I   I just had to try every single flavor of macaroon and I do deserve a delicious fluffy latte.

6.  This is my ticket stub and the brochure from visiting the Bellagio art museum- it's a tiny little museum but it's so well curated and there are always must see pieces.  I always love going and looking at paintings.  For the summer they have several Monets and Hockneys and a Lichtenstein (the guy who does the polka dots and had a pony tail)- which are to die for!  The show curated the history of landscape from impressionism to contemporary.  I think why I love this museum so much is because they have hand picked every piece- and it's about the message of the show.   Any time I go to a museum or a art show- and I can't afford the art or a print- I take home a little momento to remind me how much I loved the show.  When I got home to Portland- I counted 6 brochures- I can't believe I have visited the Bellegio art museum that many times!

7.  We love playing slot machines- well only the lucky machines. The one thing that is nice about Vegas is that you can gamble and get free drinks. I counted that I played 7 Star Wars machines- and non of them lucky... normally I look for the Star Wars machine and it's pretty lucky but not this trip.  We had much better luck with the American Idol slot machines- actually too much fun!  I think why I like the slot machines is because they have a little story with the bonuses and you can watch a fun video and do a mini game. It's funny how similar slot machines are similar to an old nintendo.  We played Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Monopoly, and the 3d slot machines which were a little crazy.  We broke about even for the trip- which for Vegas is a good thing.

8. They hand these books out everywhere you go! There is no escaping them! I rounded up 8 in our room at the end of the trip. They have coupons and ads inside but we probably had more- I think the hubs might have thrown some away.

9.  Phantom of the Opera was show is at the Venetian.  We didn't see it but we heard the music in the elevator.  The main singer sounds across between the Count from Sesame Street and Jack Black.  I couldn't help but laugh every time they had it on in the other elevator.  When I started keeping track of this one- I counted 9 times- hearing the voice.  Count! 9 bats A HAHA HAHA HA (that's the count's laugh in text lol)

10.  Sunblock! I wear it every day and in Vegas sometimes I reapplied after a swim. 10 uses of sunblock.  My hubs prefers the spray stuff- because it goes on faster an he does get lobster feet when he doesn't use sunblock on this feet.

11.  My magazines for the trip.   I can't help it I do love a good trash magazine for the pool or airplane- just something easy breezy to flip through.  2 in touch + 1 Portland Open Studio Guide (it's coming this October- I decided not to participate this year but I can't wait to see so many of my talented friends participating) + 2 air plane magazines- they are free- and they say you can take them. + 4 Random Las Vegas Magazines in the room + 2 Sky Mall magazines- they say you can take them from the plane = 11.  After noting all my magazines- maybe I have a slight problem taking magazines from the airplane?

After going through my odds and ends- I can walk through all the pieces that made up my trip to and from Vegas.   I also realized I need to not take every magazines from the airplane :).


Kelsey Cole said...

that sounds like such a FUN trip! I have never seen "O" but I want to so bad:) I've heard it's incredible!

JW | PEONY said...

I love vegas! It sounds like you had a great time. Things that I think might be missing from your list... the little provocative call girl cards that litter the strip. and skymall. ;)

Anonymous said...

isn't Cirque amazing??

MJ said...

Erika this was sooo cool! I loved how you organized everything and took us on your own tour of Las Vegas!! I have wanted to see O for years. We have La Nouba here in Orlando, but I think O is suppose to be the best cirque show ever :).
xx oo

kaysie said...

haha, I would totes take a pug over another sugar glider any day! They are too foreign to win my heart as easily as a pup

Angela said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! I would love to see a "Cirque..." show one day.

A said...

The Count...hehe. That's all I'll ever think of now when catching a glimpse of Phantom!

Traveling Distances said...

Yes - I love finding all those random things in my bag after returning from a trip! The smallest things just remind you of the good time you had, doesn't it?

Marcia B. said...

wow seems you like you were all over vegas, sounds fun!

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

This is such a nice way to 'show' the highlights of your trip! Glad you had a good time and I also want to see Le Cirque du Soleil!

Selena said...

Its sounds like a great holiday!
I hope to visit Vegas one day!

Unknown said...

it sounds like you had a good time:)..
i ve seen cirque du soleil in london a few year ago and it was amazing:)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I love skymall! It's hours worth of entertainment for me haha, the ridiculous things they sell are incredible!

Also I'm a huge David Sedaris fan and...drumroll please... I have tickets to go see him this month:)

Glad you had such a great time and I'm also happy to hear you enjoyed Cirque du Soleil!

onesixthreechirp said...

Like the way you blog. Interesting! Sound a fun trip. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to see a Cirque show!

Unknown said...

i think we had breakfast at that bakery the last time we were they have a loaf of bread shaped like an alligator in the back pastry case?

Alex said...

The map of the Venetian is insane!! That's where I stayed in July, and it would take us about 10 minutes to walk from the lobby to our room. That place is enormous!!

Heather Toner said...

Ah there is a Buchon Bakery by my home! So incredibly yummy!

Sara Lucinda Bell said...

Aw so neat! I read The Help this summer too and loved it. I'm so jealous you got to see Cirque du Soleil too!

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