Friday Woohoo!

Did this week just blink by? I know for me- with a 1 month old- life is just speeding by.. I was able to get into the studio for a couple of hours this week and it was soo rewarding.  I really missed painting and did some while I was pregnant but it was really tough because holding myself upright was the real challenge.
What are you up to this weekend? I'm going to attempt to whip out the stroller and visit a couple of art galleries and am getting ready for an upcoming art show.  Am I crazy for taking on a group show- with having a 1 month old baby? :) I knew I was a little crazy before but I can just cut out sleep right?  I tried getting a photo with the baby and the dogs but the dogs just kept licking her little feet.


Pa Ul said...

You post is great to read and here are 6 amazing cities around the world for amazing art galleries

Outcast said...

Love the photos of the pugs, they're both so cute Erika. Here's hoping that your Friday is great and that you and baby have fun at the art gallery!

Anonymous said...

a picture of the pugs licking Nora's feet would have been nice!! No you're not crazy for wanting to have an art show with a small baby...but I guess you are very brave!!

Tracey said...

Yes! This week went by so very quickly ... and I've only got one dog and a cat to worry about! (oh, and the husband). ;)

Congratulations again on your beautiful baby girl ... I hope you do get the chance to get out and about to some art galleries. Your pugs are as adorable as ever! :)

aguja said...

Fantastioc that you are up to a challenge. It will be goos for youe newborn to have a Mum whose creativity excites.

It is our 4 month old's christening tomorrow, so great preparations of food are ongoing, plus ironing of outfits and trying to reason with our 9 year old grandson that he must wear shoes and not flip-flops with his outfit (and can change later, as my husband (who had the same strop ... really at his age!) is intending top do).
Enjoy your weekend!