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Pugs and Little Baby

We are busy planning a little get together for a to meet and great of baby Nora.  I am so excited to introduce her to everyone but being a new mommy is hard work.  You hear a little cry or maybe a little wail and you wonder what she needs and lately I have been asking her- "Is this a real cry or a fake cry?" .. It always surprises me when it's a fake- and has a tendency to smirk when she knows she got me! I've also been asking her "Eleanor can I have just 15 minutes of sleep." She usually doesn't let me slide on that one :)

The pugs have already tried to sneak her kisses when I am not watching and the pugs start crying when she cries.  2 crying pugs and 1 crying baby.. who knew?


Outcast said...

That's so cute to read about her smirking when she tricks you with a fake cry and that photo is incredibly cute, two pugs and an adorable new baby does sound like quite the handful to be fair.

Kristin said...

Max's cries are starting to finally become different, instead of just top of the lungs cry as loud as possible... He's also started cooing & I catch him "talking" to his owls that hang over his bassinette. She's so adorable, I can't wait to meet her!

aguja said...

Welcome to baby Nora; babies are amazing ... and Pugs looks amazed, too.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

She's a beauty....and that's quite precious about your dogs as well. Bless. Getting sleep now is a task all by itself. They are sweet :)

tinajo said...

Such a lovely pair! :-)

Sarah said...

Um best picture ever. Seriously.

- Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oh, welcome back!! And welcome to the world Nora!!
She is really cute...And hse'll be a happier kid growing up with two four legged kiss stealers! I grew up with animals and it was the best childhood. My kitties are good!

ashire said...

Welcome to motherhood :) really enjoy reading your entries, and just became a follower of your blog.

Come by say hi if you are free:)
hOpe you can support me too!
xx elaine

Cindy said...

they are so intuitive. cute!

Dorien said...

Oh my god, a pug and a baby! Perfect duo ofcourse! :)

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