A Day at the Museum

Once a month they have a special tour at the Portland Art Museum just meant for babies.   Since I happen to have an adorable little baby, that means we can go to the museum.  What I am most excited for is looking at the world with new eyes and sharing new adventures with her.
I didn't get to the museum at all when I was a kid- in fact I didn't even go to an art museum until I met my husband.  I have always been drawing and painting but growing up my family and friends weren't really into "art".  I stil remember my first visit to the art museum, my husband took me out for pancakes and then surprised me by taking me to the local art museum.  They were running a show on Chuck Close- which if you haven't experienced his paintings- they are completely breath taking.  So after that I caught the museum bug :).  One of the biggest things that I want to or at least hope to share with my daughter is my love for art and learning.  When I found out that the Portland Art Museum had a baby program- I immediately signed up and was so incredibly excited to go! 
I put her in a dress which is especially fancy because most days are pajama days.  I think she was maybe awake for about 15 minutes but the tour was great and I just love seeing all the adorable babies scooting around the floor.  
I already signed up for next month- and going to try and put her in one of those baby back packs.

How about you? Do you like to visit the art museum? 


Unknown said...

I love visiting art museums, too. The fact that I live so close to Washington, D.C. is great, because there are so many to choose from. However, I rarely get to go, because no one in my family is into art much either.

Outcast said...

I love this story about you visiting the first art museum with your husband, the concept of art museums is a great one and even though I've only really been around a gallery once I'd love to go more often, the mother and baby idea is genius as well, sounds like so much fun!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this sounds awesome. How wonderful that the museum offers this. Your baby is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Love them.
And this is great - art museum with a baby program!

It seems you have such fun days - first 'Portland Open Studios', now this ... Sounds great!!

Ronnie said...

I can't believe they have a baby's program! How awesome!
Ronnie xo