DIY: Glitz and Glam Pumpkin

Every one needs a little glitz and glam for a pumpkin :) or at least I do!

Glitter! (I'm not sure why but I always get soo happy when using glitter)
Craft Paste
Painters Tape
Paint Brush or sponge
Paper plate
Optional: Coffee Filter for Clean up!
Candy Corn- for reward for all your hard work.

1.  Tape your desired pattern on pumpkin for what you would like to black out.
2.  Apply glue all over pumpkin- it's ok to get glue on tape.
3.  Place Pumpkin on plate and pour glitter onto pumpkin.
4.  Let Pumpkin Dry and then remove tape.
5.  Admire your hard work and eat some well deserved candy corn.
6.  For Clean up- place coffee filter end in glitter container and then pour the left over glitter on plate back into container.


Outcast said...

This is so awesome Erika, in my opinion you've done an incredible job, it's so cool looking! You can never have enough glitter in my opinion.

Kyla said...

This is SO fun...I have an army of mini pumpkins, and an abundance of glitter...I see a craft project coming up :)

Anonymous said...

Awww pretty!! :D I love glitter.

his little lady said...

Love it, so fun!!!
xo TJ

jamiedawn said...

oh wow! i just found your blog and i already like it here... glitter pumpkins?!!? i like your style. glad to be here!!

k said...

thaaat is awesome and so fun! p.s...thanks for the congrats on wesley!!

trishie said...

Ha! Looks awesome and so much fun.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love that, it's super cool :) x