DIY: Heart 2 Heart Pumpkin

I wanted to make a super easy pumpkin for my porch that was not carved.  Since I live in Portland it tends to be a bit on the rainy side.. actually it rains here.. a lot!  and it's still a little warm for here which means the pumpkins get mushy pretty quickly.  So why not paint a pumpkin? and put little hearts on it :)

1.  Pumpkin (Most Important!)
2.  Sponge
3.  Black Paint- I used Martha Stewart Black Beetle
4.  Scissors
5.  Paper plate
6. Some sort of paint brush- nothing fancy

1.  Cut up your sponge into a darling heart.
2.  Place the black paint onto paper plate
3.  Dab your newly cut sponge stamp heart into the paint.
3. Stamp pumpkin!
4.  If you would like smooth edges to your heart- take your paint brush and smooth out your hearts edges.
5. Admire work- Good job! 
6.  Place pumpkin in proper pumpkin location- mine is going on the front porch!
Don't you just love that curly-q on top of the pumpkin :)


Craftcherry said...

That is adorable. We have a few pumpkins to paint today...I might have to give this a try.

andrea creates said...

very cute pumpkin!!

Outcast said...

This is so cool Erika, in my opinion you've done a truly wonderful job with this, love seeing something traditionally associated with horror having a more romantic and lovey dovey touch to it, have to adore it.

QP said...

really cute idea Erika!
I am hoping to make some" carved" pumpkins this weekend. I intend to use a drill, so we will see if it works out :)

Unknown said...

wow,great idea ;)!

if you want we can follow each other? let me know ;)?!

Unknown said...

oh this is so sweet!!! what a fun idea!!!!

Sarah said...

Painting pumpkins is all the rage this year!!! I'm so happy about it because it's so much easier. We'll probably still carve at least one, but there will probably be more painted ones this year =)

- Sarah

teresweetstyle said...

great post honey, i really love pumpkings!


Unknown said...

Now that is my kind of pumpkin! Super cute! :)