Portland Open Studios

This weekend it was Portland Open Studios! It's one of my favorite events in the Portland art community- over 100 artists open their studios and you can go and visit.  It's pretty amazing to see all of the different types of artists at work and you can get one on one time- discussing art.  Looking inside an artists studio is like looking into the mind of an artist.  Nora and I visited several studios and here are a few pics from the day.
Anna Magruder's studio. She is one of my favorite portrait artists in Portland and a good artsy friends!  Her studio is tucked in an old house on a busy street.

Rachel Ann Austin :) - I have a couple of her paintings at my house and it was so great to finally meet her and chit chat all about her gorgeous paintings.  Her studio is in her home and she also had freshly baked cookies- yum! 
One of the most high anticipated studios was Jesse Reno- he is an extremely prolific artist and shows all over the world.  He had a very large studio and there was a constant stream of people coming in an out.  There was a painting I fell in love with while there and I might need to get it. 

Nora and I had such a great time visiting with everyone.  She had a nice long nap when we got home- I think all the art wore her out.  Happy Monday!


Outcast said...

Wow, the art on display here is simply wonderful, I love all of these photos! I'm glad to hear that you guys had so much fun and got to view such awesome art, Nora is so cute, she's a little dote!

QP said...

I think its great Nora is getting such an exposure to art, imagine what all those bright colours and images must look like to her. Amazing!
Looks like you visited some really neat studios!

Sarah said...

How fun! I love art events. I like Rachel Ann Austen too. I don't actually own any of her artwork, but I have some favorited in my Etsy file =)

- Sarah

shellie said...

very cool. i need to visit portland!