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November Goals

I love making lists and I have gotten into the habit of making a goal list once a month.  I feel like it's important to not just have a goal but even more important to say them out loud.  Then the best part of making a list is crossing that goal off your list :)  Here is my list for November.
1.  Read at least 2 books.  I love to read!  My favorite is to cuddle up on the coach with the pugs and nice big cup of warm tea and just plain read! But since having a baby and attempting to get caught up on my painting- my reading has taken the back seat.  I have a stack of books, next to my night stand just waiting for me to read them.
2.  Go thrifting!  I have not been thrifting in forever.  When I was pregnant I was pretty miserable and now the baby can fit in one of those baby backpacks which makes shopping a lot easier.  I have the thrifting fever and can not wait to go treasure hunting.
3.  Take my SLR camera everywhere! I am a victim of using my iphone a lot but this month I want to take my big camera.  I bought a camera insert for purse- so that I will not have an excuse not to take my camera around. I also think it's sort of funny I call my SLR camera, my big camera- almost like the that's the camera's name.
4.  Paint My goal every month.  My love for painting but I really need to paint and paint and paint and paint.  I have soo many things I need to make paintings for.. Ack! I can do it! I know I can!  
5.  Teach Nora to change her own diapers. :) I thought most babies could do this?  
6.  Go on a artist date.  An artist date can be anything that involves art- but it's about making the effort of having more art in my life and leaving my house.  Can you tell I don't get out much since having a baby? 


Becca said...

I love these goals! Especially the reading books part. I have a goal to read a book a week this year, and right now I'm 2 books behind schedule, which means I have about 10 or 11 books to read before the end of the year. Yiiiiikes! I'm working on it. :-) Please share with us what you read!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are great goals!! I need to get reading more, I've been behind! I thrift a lot, but have simmered down for now until Christmas :) It's good to take your camera with you, as the times I've left mine behind, I saw something great to shoot, so I try to have one with me whenever I leave the house. I wish my daughter could change her own diaper, haha :) But, potty training begins for me, so much fun :))) I hope you reach your goals x

tinajo said...

Good list - and even though the big camera is more heavy, I find that I get used to it pretty fast when I start bringing it. :-)

Discovery Street said...

if you teach nora to change her own diapers, please have her also share a tutorial on youtube :)

Outcast said...

I love your goals Erika and thing that the one to teach Nora how to change her own diapers is a great one. The thrifting idea is an awesome one and hopefully you get a lot of great deals to tell us about on here.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I think setting monthly goals is a great idea! Love your goals!

onesixthreechirp said...

Great list! Looking forward to your painting artworks. :)

QP said...

I will come a thrifting with you if you and baby Nora want company :)

Unknown said...

Your list is quite similar to what I want to do! I need to start painting and I love thrifting. Maybe you could look for cute baby clothes because I always end up seeing loads whenever I go ;)

Michelle Brunner said...

I agree, if you teach Nora to change her own diapers you must share with the world! I love your goal about going on an artist date. I also need to do this!

What is on your nightstand right now that you are planning on reading? I am in need of a new book!

Good luck with the goals!

Makaila said...

Portland has some good thrifting, right!? I live here too! I need to make more time to read..

Cindy said...

i love your goals, and except for the diapers (really, erika?), they seem doable. i'd also like to read an actual book and started one last night before bed. i made it to page 2 before falling asleep :).

i'd also like to use my real camera more and although iphones are great, i'm starting to regret not having more dslr photos when i look back at the pics from this year. oh well, there's always next year.

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