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December ToDos!

Go and chop town a Christmas tree- being born and raised from Oregon- there are a ton of pine trees.. everywhere and lots of tree farms.  When I was little I remember my family and I trudging out in the mud and rain going out into the middle of no where looking for that perfect tree and being miserable and cold.  I remember thinking about that dreamy cup of hot chocolate and big breakfast my mom would be making for my family once we got our special tree and the pain of getting the tree would be long forgotten.  Then we would light a fire, play old Christmas records and start decorating the tree and my mother is known for decorating an extremely gaudy tree- every single ornament and strand of lights we owned and then a nice thick coat of silver tinsel. Since this is my daughter's very first Christmas- I can't wait to make those same type of memories with her.
Camp Crafty Wonderland Colossal Sale-   This is the best craft show and sell in Portland for the holiday season.  I go almost every year and go early because their goody bag to the first 150 costumers is AMAZING.  I love doing my holiday shopping here and supporting local businesses and especially love handmade.  I'm going with a couple of Portland Bloggers- (Leah and Spencer -woohoo!)
Don't cheat Christmas. I know what your thinking! Don't Cheat Christmas- What does that mean?  It means exactly how it sounds.  I remember growing up and looking in every single little nook and cranny in my parents home and searching tirelessly for my Christmas presents... and was known to unwrap and rewrap all her presents.  Since getting married- I am no better- Tim and I end up negotiating with one another around the first couple of days after Thanksgiving about giving each others Christmas gifts early.  We never wait! This year- I am waiting until Christmas.  I can do it! I know I can!  I've already caught Tim snooping in closets.. but no we are not cheating Christmas.
Take a family photo.  me, 1 husband, 1 baby, and 2 pugs. :)  Tim has the week off for Christmas and am planning on torturing him by doing a family photo shoot. Well it's not total torture but I know his patience might wear thin because the pugs get a little rambunctious when something exciting is happening!
Make and mail surprise Christmas presents.  Not another peep about this one.  No cheating Christmas! lol.


Roxana said...

I' going to camp out for crafty wonderland too! i've never done it before but i've heard its worth it. i think i will do it on sunday. :)

Autumn Leaves said...

What a wonderful blog you have! And you remind me of me a bit too. Nora is adorable and I do so love her name. I've always been a huge fan of the Thin Man movies with Nick and Nora...She especially was always so elegant and sophisticated and beautiful! And thank you for finding my blog and for your amazing comment. You made my morning!

Unknown said...

Aw, that's a great list! Post a picture of the tree! Happy Holiday!

Kristin said...

I used to cheat Christmas every year. One year I unwrapped all my gifts, not realizing my mom had hid all the tape in anticipation of my snooping. I tried to glue stick my packages back together but as soon as they passed out presents & the wrapping paper started to fall off, it was fairly evident what I had done. That was the last year I snooped.

Rose Clearfield said...

I am so glad to learn that my husband and I are not the only couple that cheat on opening Christmas presents before the holiday. Usually we make it until Christmas Eve, but some years, it is really bad.

Outcast said...

I love all of this list and it's really got me into a proper festive mood, love this Erika! I'm with you on the peaking thing. I've never been bad at it despite not feeling like I couldn't wait because I know it will take the lustre of the day a little so hopefully you achieve all of these goals and have a great Christmas with Tim and little Dora!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I would love to chop down a Christmas tree!!!!

Unknown said...

I am so excited!

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

this is such a good plan x

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