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Motivation Monday- Firsts

Happy Monday! I couldn't help but snap this picture of Nora.  We are working on solids and for some reason every time she tries a new fruit or vegetable- she makes this face like it's the worst thing ever! which makes me laugh every time she makes it.  What's funny is I have her try the same fruit/vege a day or two later and loves it.  Her crumpled up yuck face- too funny!

Last week was filled with so many firsts for me.  It's a new start to a new year and wanted to start 2013 on the right foot- and stick to my goals.  I joined a mommy work out program, which I think I have reawakened muscles I forgot I had. It is a good butt kicking experience that I completely need.  It was  great meeting other moms that are in exact same boat as me... wanting to get out of the house with the baby and doing something that is good for you.  After working out the babys and rugrats can come out and play and the amount of cuteness in the room will make anyone smile and giggle.  Another goal on my list was to to make something everyday.  I started making art everyday and I  feel so energized and inspired to be painting again.  I felt a little zapped from all the holiday painting and diying and combined with all of craziness that the holidays bring- it felt good to try and get into a routine again. It was a definite week of firsts for me.

Nora's first was trying squash. :)

How is the start to your 2013?


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Marvellous doll! I love watching babies try firsts of foods, they don't hold back to not liking something or liking it! It's nice. I hope she continues to find ones she enjoys. Have fun working out, it's refreshing to get the body back in shape, most see it as a chore, but it's a good feeling taking care of yourself. I hope you have a wonderful week xo

Jenn said...

Molly acted like squash was the devil the first time I had her try it and then last night ate a gigantic container of it like she couldn't get enough. Babies. Psh. ;)

Good for you for joining the mommy workout group! Sounds like fun!

Sara said...

Ha, what a great face. I really like the idea of a mom workout group, awesome that you found one!

Becca said...

Sounds like a good start so far! My goals are progressing slowly... mostly the house cleaning and pre-baby organizing ones, which is the way it should be!

Unknown said...

I can't WAIT to do this again! My other two had very distinct palates - and it was comical to watch their faces when something new flavored or textured ended up in their mouths!

My LO is due anywhere from now until 2/15 (EDD 2/5) so this year will be all about rediscovering as well!

Your mommy workout group is at a gym or? I want to find one like this.

Melanie said...

Awww, I'm sure she'll get used the solid foods! That face is pricelessly cute! =)

Good for you working on your goals and creating art everyday!! That's very motivating to hear! =)

I've been walking everyday so I feel like I'm having a good start too!! =) Happy Monday!

Ergo - Blog

Outcast said...

Massive congratulations on Nora starting her solid foods and on starting the exercise programme, it sounds like fun and can only lead to god things in the long run which is awesome as well.

henning love said...

ahh poor nora she doesn't look too happy at all :-( hopefully she isn't like that to all solid foods.

Rachel said...

Ha, Evelyn always makes an icky face with anything new. Or even with something she hasn't had in a while. Then she figures out that she likes it and starts gobbling it up. Love baby faces!

Marionberry Style said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog this AM...what a small world it is!! I love your blog Erika and it's so cool that you are doing what you love (art) and are surrounding by what looks like an amazing family! So happy happy for you :)
I'll be checking back often...:)

Kira said...

That face is priceless! So adorable.

QP said...

i love this photo. too funny. its pretty much the face frenchie makes when I ask if he wants squash. ;)

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