Monday, February 4, 2013

February Goals

I am such a goal person! or at least I am such a list person. One habit I have gotten into is setting my goals for the month and do my very best to try to stick to them.  It's amazing what one can accomplish by just saying it out loud.

1.  Paint everyday.  It is really hard to paint everyday not because I don't want to but having a baby takes up a lot of time.  lol.. before having a baby I didn't quite understand how much time a baby takes. It's worth every single moment but managing time has become a whole new art form.  I have deadlines approaching and need to figure out a good strategy to paint everyday.
2.  Work out every weekday.  I joined a mommy work out group in the mornings and it is a butt kicking work out that I need and I get out of the house in the morning and start my day with a good start.  I can take Nora with me and she hangs out in the stroller. I can't say enough good things about if you just had a baby joining a mommy work out group- everyone is understanding and nice and they are all rooting for you.
3.  Do an Instagram a day.  I've seen different Instagram challenges for February floating around the web and mine is just to do one every day.
4.  Go on a Valentines Date.    Being a new mommy makes me think of holidays completely different and want to do something extra special with my husband and Nora.  I haven't quite figured it out yet but have a few ideas.
5.  Allow myself to Daydream more.  Daydreaming always helps my creativity and I do carry around a little sketchbook for ideas but I really want to fill it up even more.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing this month?


The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are marvellous goals!! I really need to make myself goals each month, I think it would keep me productive and I would get more done!! I shall think of some goals and jot them down in my new notebook tonight!! I hope you reach all your goals this month doll :) Have a splendid week xx

Unknown said...

Those are fantastic goals - simple but really meaningful. Good luck!

I'm waiting for my second baby - can't quite imagine what it will be like to have two!

Ashley said...

Love the goals! I'd love to go on a date with my husband but it's not in the cards for us until the kids are much much older.

Becca :: Making Room in Sicily said...

I love all your goals! Honestly now with a newborn in the house (again) and a toddler (whoa), it is so hard to get anything done... and I still have my husband home on paternity leave! Right now my goal is just to savor my new baby, but pretty soon I think it will be just to get the dishes washed at the end of the day. :-)

In other news, I've got a fun, foodie giveaway on my blog this week that you and your readers might enjoy! Here 'tis:

Michele said...

It makes sense to say your goals out loud - I think I get scared to do so in case I still fail! But yours are very inspiring, thank you for sharing :)


Outcast said...

Best of luck achieving all your goals Erika and I really do wish you a great date on Valentine's Day, you deserve one after doing such amazing work as a parent, best of luck with all of this.

Jamie said...

Working out every weekday is a tough goal. Good luck!

Hanna said...

These are fabulous goals!!! I wish I could paint everyday:) I feel like having 2 almost 3 kids, I have to decide what is absolutely most important to me and just try for that. So for me usually it's the working out:) have a great week!!!

Oh, My Darling said...

What a nicely balanced cluster of February goals! I think mine is just to stay as upbeat and happy as possible during this nasty Minnesota winter!

Ronnie said...

I'm a huge list person myself. Love the sound of your goals. Make sure you tell us all about your Valentines date! :)
Ronnie xo

Craftcherry said...

Those are great goals! It's hard to figure out a balance between mothering and everything else.
Have a wonderful date! We seem to celebrate a lot more since having kids. :o)