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Monday, March 18, 2013


We just got back from vacationing in beautiful Maui and it was amazing! It was baby's first plane ride and first tropical adventure- and she loved every moment.  We let ourselves unwind, unplug and enjoyed being a little family.  During the days we collected seashells, played in sand.. well Nora ate lots of sand, tickled our toes in the water, and watched for whales.  We ended up renting a condo and I am soo happy we did! Since it was Nora's first tropical getaway- it was great being able to put her to bed and we would make a yummy dinner, sip tropical drinks with umbrellas, and watch movies.. We called the evenings date nights- even if we were only in the living room and Nora was snoozing in her crib in the bedroom, it was great having date night every night.  In the middle of the trip Nora and I both got pink eye.. not sure how it happened or how my husband escaped it, but we visited the doctor.  The doctor said it might have been because Nora's eating the sand and rubbing her eyes- but we were good as new the next day.
What I love about getting away is that it helps me reflect on what's going on in my life and my art.   Having a baby has completely changed my life.. Duh.. I know! but what I didn't realize before and during my pregnancy is that I thought how could my life really change that much? Having a baby turned my life upside down in all sorts wonderful and challenging ways. This vacation is just what I needed and I am so ready to get back to work! I always take a couple of empty notebooks and lots of pens and end up filling them with lots of ideas, notes, and scribbles.  I am glad to be home and getting back to work. :)
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