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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy To Be Care Package

We have friends that are having their second baby and I couldn't be happier for them but I know being pregnant isn't just always peaches and creme.  My pregnancy was really hard- I would call myself a lump. I would try and get up and have the spins and get sick. Then when I stopped getting sick, I would feel the need to clean like a crazy person- my husband loved every second of the cleaning phase and let me know I could clean his car as much as I wanted.  Even though I know she said she was doing fine- my spidey sense told me that she needed a little pamper package.

1.  Annie's Bunny Extra Cheesy Cheddar Bunnies. Crackers always help with the nausea when your pregnant and I know little bunnies for some reason always cheer me up.
2.  Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  Seriously? Yes they are so extremely delicious that I need to hurry and send this package so that I don't accidentally eat them.
3.  Martha Stewart's Living.  Channel your inner Martha Stewart, a woman who can do anything.
4.  Willa Fresh Face Cucumber Face Mask.  Showering was one of my favorite things to do while pregnant other than sleeping.  I think giving yourself a little facial is just the ticket for pure relaxation.
5.  Cucumber Melon Body Lotion.  When I was pregnant my skin went through a lot because of the baby hormons and this little pocket lotion is perfect for toting around.
6.  Eos- Lip Balm- it's one of my favorite balms.  not greasy and not sticky.. sort of the perfect Chapstick . I mean lip balm.
7.  Exfoliating Bath Cloth.  Since when your pregnant your hormons are all over the place- this helps take all the dead skin off and feel fresh.
8.  Ferrir Rocher Chocolates- Yes more chocolate! A Mommy to be needs it.
9.  No Sharing Allowed.  So important! especially when your pregnant. :)

I think I got everything.  What do you think? Did I miss something?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Road Trip to Seattle!

This past weekend I packed up my 2 pugs, a baby, and a husband and we drove up to Seattle.  The tulips are in bloom and it was just gorgeous seeing all the bursts of colors.  We stayed with some of our oldest friends and they also have a pug and a little baby.. and it was quite a zoo watching all the pugs chase each other... Watching a pug run is quite a site because I don't know if they were designed to move that quickly because their wrinkles I think get in the way of their running.  It was pretty adorable watching the babies play with each and steal each other pacifiers. I also made a stop at the PNW Blogger Spring Meet up.  My lady date was Spencer, who was dressed to impressed and I had such a great time.  I had such a blast meeting so many new friends and talking about blogging. 
My pugs are completely worn out from the weekend but I think they had more fun then me because they are still snoring in their dog beds. 

How was your weekend?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We Bought A Zoo!

We didn't really buy a zoo.. but I took Nora to her visit to the zoo.  She was more excited to see all the kids racing around instead of the animals but it was a gorgeous day and I can't wait to take her again.
It's crazy revisiting places that I went to as a kid and taking my own daughter. It's amazing that when your a kid you think everything looks so big and then when you go back as grown up everything seems smaller.

Life's so rough being a hippo, Don't you think? :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happier at Home

I just finished reading Gretchen Rubin's latest book Happier at Home.  This is her follow up to her best selling novel The Happiness Project which I just loved.  This book has been on my must read list for quite some time but finally was able to dig right into it.  While reading Happier at Home, it made me revisit my own journey in pursuing my own happiness a few years ago, when I quit my day job to pursue art full time.  It was a big plunge for me and in the process made me realize how much I was pursing happiness was so important to me.  After having my daughter I realized that my happiness level expanded to something much bigger and larger then I ever expected.  What's funny I didn't realize it could get any bigger!

Happier at Home I felt was an expansion from her first novel.  The first novel was finding your happiness inside and this novel is about finding it on the outside. :) If you read the Happiness Project I highly recommend Happier at Home.

What are you reading lately?

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Inbetween.

Over the weekend, my husband gave me such a treat and watched Nora for a couple of hours so that I could have some girl time.  I've been getting into my art studio but have been feeling a little on the stuck side. I have been working on one painting for over a month, and I feel like I just need to finish it in order to start something else.  Since I am in a new place with a lot of things in my life, I have been looking for new sources of inspiration.  Inspiration is super important and before I had a baby, I was able to just pick up and go and could lock myself in my studio for hours at time.  I can't do that now but I get a whole new set of adventures.

I had an artist friend tell me that when she had a baby, she had to change her medium in order to be flexible to being a mom.  I had artist curator friend tell me that he was relieved that I was still making art because usually when artists have a baby then the artist disappears.   I love to make things- and never want to stop but I know I'm different because of my new life and still figuring out my life balance with my art.  I think that is why I have been so quiet on the blog front because like I said I am in a new place with my art and I am not sure exactly how to share it or even what to share.

Starting this new chapter in my life as been an interesting one because it just feels like a whirl wind.  I want to make art and I want to be a great mommy and I also want to have the best life that I can possibly have.   After going through labor and have a baby- the nurses tell you, "Congratulations you made it to the other side." I always thought that it meant more physically and each day that passes I am realizing more of the emotional other side and my life just feels like it's in this fresh start place... ready for new adventures.. new art projects.. lots of new. I completely cleaned out my studio and got a new arts and craft table.  I even pulled out my old sewing machine. I'm terrified and excited for the new creations and endeavors I will take but isn't that what life's all about?

Thanks for hearing some of my thoughts :) and have a wonderful Monday.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals

1.  At least 2 days a week I dedicate to be in my art studio.  Being a new mommy I have a ton of new responsibilities which I love to do- but in order for me to get painting time in.. for the month of April during Nora's nap times and when she goes to bed- I am in my art studio and not allowed to do laundry.. dishes.. cuddling with the pugs.
2,  Reclaim my backyard from my darling pugs.  I live in a town home with a little back yard and the dogs favorite place is the back yard, well I should say their back yard.  I haven't been able to grow plants or anything back there in several years because they love to eat and destroy.. They love to jump into the potted planters and eat the poor flowers.. but this is the year! I am planting plants and enjoying my back yard!
3.  Go on a date night with my husband.. I don't know if I am ready.  I just love being a mommy and being near my little nugget. My husband has requested a date night with out the baby. This is the month and I need to put on my brave face on and do it.
4.  Work out at least 3 times a week.  I joined a mommy work out group a few months back.  I'm not going to lie I hate working out- but I just love how much more energy I have and how much better I feel about myself especially since having a baby.
5.  Take more photos! I put this goal often on my list because I forget to take photos! I need to take more.

I still can't believe we are already in April, but I am so glad we are in spring time.  How about you- have any goals for April?
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