My name is Erika. I'm in love with making art, collecting old things & chasing after my two kiddos. This blog is a peek into my happy accidents & plots of total world domination.


April Goals

1.  At least 2 days a week I dedicate to be in my art studio.  Being a new mommy I have a ton of new responsibilities which I love to do- but in order for me to get painting time in.. for the month of April during Nora's nap times and when she goes to bed- I am in my art studio and not allowed to do laundry.. dishes.. cuddling with the pugs.
2,  Reclaim my backyard from my darling pugs.  I live in a town home with a little back yard and the dogs favorite place is the back yard, well I should say their back yard.  I haven't been able to grow plants or anything back there in several years because they love to eat and destroy.. They love to jump into the potted planters and eat the poor flowers.. but this is the year! I am planting plants and enjoying my back yard!
3.  Go on a date night with my husband.. I don't know if I am ready.  I just love being a mommy and being near my little nugget. My husband has requested a date night with out the baby. This is the month and I need to put on my brave face on and do it.
4.  Work out at least 3 times a week.  I joined a mommy work out group a few months back.  I'm not going to lie I hate working out- but I just love how much more energy I have and how much better I feel about myself especially since having a baby.
5.  Take more photos! I put this goal often on my list because I forget to take photos! I need to take more.

I still can't believe we are already in April, but I am so glad we are in spring time.  How about you- have any goals for April?


Melanie said...

I have been trying to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. If I can't get to the gym I'm trying to not be hard on myself but make up for it either doing a workout video or using my kettlebell! I started on twitter a hashtag, #IEXERCISEDTODAY and when I'm losing motivation I click on to see how far I've gone & other people who have joined in! =)

I also want to take more photos too!! =) Best wishes on your April goals!!

Ergo - Blog

Outcast said...

I hope that you manage to have time for the date night and that the exercise keeps going well Erika. Great post, I think you're doing a brilliant job in all honesty, setting goals is always good too.

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

I totally hear you. balancing it all is crazy business!!! Good luck : )

Unknown said...

I have many goals....practice my french, start doing yoga a couple times a week, work on my DIY projects and keep up with blogging. I cannot wait until my semester is over :)

melina bee said...

april is a super busy month for me. One of my ongoing goals is to post one outfit per week like I used to in the good ole days. I have a craft show coming up on the 20th so I guess another goal is to do well there and get ready etc.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I hope you reach your goals doll, I need to set some new ones. It's good to take time out for yourselves, you need it. With two girls, I am coming to the point of needing it too. They can be a handful as they get older. But, I hope you reach your goals and enjoy them too xx

Spencer said...

Planting a garden is one of my goals too! Collin and I spent a good 90 minutes today busting up the moss and junk out of the back beds. I am planning a cutting garden and some veggies in plants! If you wanna geek out about plants just say the word!

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Lindsay said...

we are in need of a date night sans bebe but having s hard time since we are new to Portland and no family nearby. if you ever want a workout buddy I would love to have one myself!

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