Mommy To Be Care Package

We have friends that are having their second baby and I couldn't be happier for them but I know being pregnant isn't just always peaches and creme.  My pregnancy was really hard- I would call myself a lump. I would try and get up and have the spins and get sick. Then when I stopped getting sick, I would feel the need to clean like a crazy person- my husband loved every second of the cleaning phase and let me know I could clean his car as much as I wanted.  Even though I know she said she was doing fine- my spidey sense told me that she needed a little pamper package.

1.  Annie's Bunny Extra Cheesy Cheddar Bunnies. Crackers always help with the nausea when your pregnant and I know little bunnies for some reason always cheer me up.
2.  Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  Seriously? Yes they are so extremely delicious that I need to hurry and send this package so that I don't accidentally eat them.
3.  Martha Stewart's Living.  Channel your inner Martha Stewart, a woman who can do anything.
4.  Willa Fresh Face Cucumber Face Mask.  Showering was one of my favorite things to do while pregnant other than sleeping.  I think giving yourself a little facial is just the ticket for pure relaxation.
5.  Cucumber Melon Body Lotion.  When I was pregnant my skin went through a lot because of the baby hormons and this little pocket lotion is perfect for toting around.
6.  Eos- Lip Balm- it's one of my favorite balms.  not greasy and not sticky.. sort of the perfect Chapstick . I mean lip balm.
7.  Exfoliating Bath Cloth.  Since when your pregnant your hormons are all over the place- this helps take all the dead skin off and feel fresh.
8.  Ferrir Rocher Chocolates- Yes more chocolate! A Mommy to be needs it.
9.  No Sharing Allowed.  So important! especially when your pregnant. :)

I think I got everything.  What do you think? Did I miss something?


Outcast said...

This is brilliant Erika, such a great idea for a care package, I mean just look at all those awesome things there, even the face mask is appealing for me, honestly I think that when you're pregnant you're more than within your rights to enjoy as much chocolate as you please!

Kristin said...

So sweet, I wish I would have gotten one of these. The best thing another lady friend did while I was on bed rest was bring me all the trashy magazines from the grocery store & all these fancy snacks & chocolates & nail polish to do my nails while I was sitting there.

Kira said...

Such a great idea. It would make my day if someone just brought me those peanut butter cups ;)

I bet she was thrilled!

Bonnie Weeks said...

That's a great care package! I need to do that for my sister-in-laws who are BOTH pregnant.

Mandy Crandell said...

This is such a great little package! I'll be sure to remember this for future mommy-to-be friends.