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We Bought A Zoo!

We didn't really buy a zoo.. but I took Nora to her visit to the zoo.  She was more excited to see all the kids racing around instead of the animals but it was a gorgeous day and I can't wait to take her again.
It's crazy revisiting places that I went to as a kid and taking my own daughter. It's amazing that when your a kid you think everything looks so big and then when you go back as grown up everything seems smaller.

Life's so rough being a hippo, Don't you think? :)


Outcast said...

This is so awesome Erika, the photos are just great, I'd love to have this experience of visiting a zoo as awesome as this!

Kristin said...

Max wants to go to the zoo with Nora, the PDX zoo is by far my fave & I want to see the new baby elephant :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So precious! I love taking children to the zoo!! Am glad she had a marvellous animals xx

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

When I had my first little one I tripped out about that so much!!! I'd often sit on the floor to image the world through his eyes…. It was so much bigger and always more wonderful than from an adult prospective… Glad you had fun, and love the pictures : )

Unknown said...

Looks like a gorgeous day!

Anonymous said...
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aguja said...

And in her eyes - you really did buy a zoo!
Great post title - it really draws one in!

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