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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gold Marilyn


I just love this Andy Warhol painting- I know this gold Marilyn is one of his more famous painting but it's still one of my favorites.  I think he captured her wink and poise in this portrait.  Isn't this bicycle dress pretty adorable? and I think the little fox dress little girl's dress go perfect together for a mommy and daughter date.  Nora is just starting to get big enough were we can start doing little dates together and still can't believe how big she is getting.

There is supposed to be some nice weather here this weekend and I hope I can drag Tim to the park for a little family picnic.

What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Today's give away is brought to you by Shabby Apple! Woohoo!  We are almost in summer which means it's time to shop for that perfect summer dress.  Shabby Apple has so many cute retro vintage dresses that it's hard to pick just one.  Shabby Apple is giving one lucky reader $50 to go and shop.  The winner will be chosen at random and giveaway closes on June 3rd.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I completely enjoyed the long weekend.  We headed out to the coast to hang out with some old friends and have a low key break.  One thing I love about coast- even though there is a ton of rain and generally pretty cold.  The coast is the perfect place to cozy up with a delicious book, fuzzy socks, and a hot coco- even in the summer time.  Tim has been so busy with work, that it was nice to have a break and Nora was tickled to have 3 whole days off with her daddy.  She is starting to squeal and bounce when he enters the room and is starting to babble Da Da.  It's a heart melter and makes me so darn happy.

We hung out with some old friends and all weekend we stayed up late playing board games and eating chips and salsa.  I made big piles of pancakes in the morning and the pugs got lots of time running around the beach.  Their poor little wrinkles get so stuffed full of sand but they don't care until we come home and they have to have a bubble bath.  It was a super fun weekend but glad to be home.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Grilled Cheese Sammy

"Grilled Cheesus"
Oil on Wood
It's raining out today and one of my favorite things on a cold and rainy day is a warm, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich.  The Grilled Cheese Grill is one of my favorite places to stop in, they have a old school bus that you can eat your sammy.  They have lots of different types of grilled cheeses but the ultimate is the "Grilled Cheesus"- I have been a little afraid to try it but it's a double decker grilled cheese with a burger in the middle.  My favorite one is the "preschooler" with pickles- which is a grilled cheese with out the crust!

How do you take your grilled cheese?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I Wore: The Swan Song

Cardigan & Dress Forever 21
Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Tiffanys
Belt: Thrifted

One of our new traditions it taking long walks and exploring the marsh and woods near are house.  I haven't seen any wild animals yet besides bugs but I think there could be something lurking out there.  

This is one of my favorite cardigans and I just have been wearing it like crazy lately.  A cardigan is such a good staple and it goes with just about everything, which has turned me into a bit of a cardigan hoarder.  I always think to myself I can always use just one more.  I think that's where it starts.. the hoarding that is.  :) 


Monday, May 20, 2013


I can't believe it's already Monday and this weekend just went by far to quick! Since the weather is warming up Tim has been wanting to get out of the house more. We tend to be workaholic and homebody side of things and generally don't get out much. We went for a long drive up in Oregon wine country which I learned is the same latitude as France, which might explain why Oregon wines are so delicious.  I don't know much about wine but I sure enjoy drinking it!
We did a little bit of tasting wine and lots of chasing Nora. She had the wiggles and wanted to go exploring.  Her crawling has gotten pretty fast- she does what's called the crab crawl.  It's when one leg drags on the ground and the other propels. It's pretty funny and gets more comments about her crawl then anything else.  She is pretty close to standing by herself and has done lots of practicing but I'm not sure if I am ready for walking.  Walking?! I can't believe it.
How was your weekend :)?

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Visit with Benny and Mary Ellen


This painting is an Alice Neel and it's one of my favorites called Benny and Mary Ellen Andrews.  I just love how she painted portraits while capturing a little slice of life and her choice of color is vibrant and very her own.  This painting I have visited a few times in MOMA in New York and I think this would be just the outfit and supplies to visit it with.

This weekend I'm off to a Portland Blogger get together and hanging out with some of my gal pals. Yah!

What are up to this weekend?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Pallet

I use an an instant pallet when oil painting. There are a lot of choices when choosing a pallet, there are wood ones, plastic ones, glass ones and have come across a few vintage ones.. and some artists use a pizza pie tray or some other type of flat surface-  but I have yet to be successful in keeping a real pallet and now I just use these instant ones because I can make a big of a mess as I want and then when I'm done I can just toss it... start over.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thrifting and things.

I have been doing quite a bit of thrifting lately, which is one of my favorite things to do  in the whole wide world.  I love just going bright and early and following the estate sale signs and discovering a place with old things.  And! When you go to a really great sale- it's like you can't wait to find the next and then the next.  I haven't done much thrifting since the baby has been born because I'm not sure how I could bring her with me while thrifting.  Some of the old houses are packed with so much old stuff and not clean stuff... almost like the show hoarders..  and she is so curious and loves to touch everything! Tim has been helping me and watching her and having daddy and baby time but I did miss thrifting.

Dress= Target
Tights= Target
Belt= Thrift
Necklace=a gift 
Cardigan= "Borrowed" from my mom's closet..  :)
Shoes= Blowfish
Camera= Brownie with Flash

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A late mother's day.

This year is my first mothers day.  I have always considered myself a mommy to my pugs but this year is the first to my daughter.  Nora is right next to me practicing standing and banging with all her might on the printer in my office- I can only think how lucky I am at this very moment. I know she will soon lose interest in the printer but I know life gets complicated down the road and it's these easy moments that I love the most especially being a new mommy.

I hope to inspire her, make her laugh, and help her to be the best person she can be and wants to be.  Being a mommy I reflect a lot on my own childhood and think about the type of mother I want to be and hope to be.  Being a new mommy, I have learned to appreciate my own mother and makes me realize more every day how I finally get what it's like being a grown up.

Nora has moved on from the printer and now reorganizing my mail. :) My mothers day, we went out for yummy bacon cheese burgers and french fries and then took a long walk around the neighborhood.
It was my perfect day.

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Friday at the Museum

Don't you just love this Water Lilly Monet? This one is at the Portland Art Museum and I could just stare at it for hours. They have such a beautiful selection of impressionism paintings- makes me dream of far away places. It has been such gorgeous weather here- it makes me want to get out and enjoy the city.. like visiting museums.. eating ice cream and going to the water fountains.

What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sketchbook Pages: Super Model Winston

I promised myself this year I would share more from my sketchbook. My sketchbook is a bit hard for me to share because I like knowing I can do anything inside of it and I can take as many risks as I want with out anyone seeing it.  But! I know it's good for me to just start sharing it even if it's small glimpses.  Going through my sketchbook I noticed lately I have been sketching super model pug Winston and we know he loves to be the center of attention and loves to pose.  :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Day at the Park

Here are a few snippets of one of our park voyages and Nora had a blast. Nora loved being hung upside down and got the giggles.  They played endless rounds of peek a boo and crawling around the blanket.  She loved putting her toes in the grass and discovering pine cones.  We brought a picnic and lounged in the sunshine, soaking everything in and by the end of the day Nora was completely worn out which meant a 3 hour nap. :)Best day ever.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I Wore: Anchors Away

Necklace:- a good luck gift from my husband
Sunglasses: F21

The weather has been so nice around here it almost feels as we skipped spring and went straight to summer.  I can hear the lawn mowers humming as I type this and can't help but think "This year has just flown by." This time last year I was very pregnant and getting ready for my daughter to arrive and this summer is just filled with so many plans and so many exciting and new things. We have already starting going on little family outings to here and there around Portland and can't wait for more summer adventures.  Nora hating the camera :) even her frumpy face makes me smile.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Happy Monday! I am so incredibly excited that I finished this painting and it took me a really long time because of the complexity of the composition.  It was tough getting the balance just right with the organic quality of the city and the business of the industrialism.  I am totally obsessed with doing lettering on signs, buildings, or pretty much anywhere. I'm not sure what it is about getting the lettering perfect but it is my favorite.  Have you ever had Stumptown coffee? They do their own custom roast, and its pretty delicious.  This corner is a pretty busy area of SE Portland and has grown quite a bit over the years.  The light poles always have a ton of fliers and grow so fat until the city clears out the layers upon layers of fliers.   You could stroll this street and poke into fun shops, drink a tasty treat and just people watch all day.. which is very Portland.

What are you up to this Monday?

Details: Oil painting on custom wood panel '15X'15


Saturday, May 4, 2013


Just a little adorableness for your Saturday! and yes that is a piece of grass stuck to her chin, for some reason she just loves sticking grass directly into her mouth :).

Friday, May 3, 2013


Happy Friday! It has been such gorgeous weather around here it almost doesn't seem real and it's supposed to get really warm this weekend.  We've been enjoying lots of lazy picnic lunches and chasing the pugs in the sunshine.  I can already feel summer happening around me and am just loving every moment. Since my daughter has been born my life has gone by so quickly between being a mommy and making art.. its like I could snap my fingers and I am in the future.  This weekend I am planning on a little vintage hunting and maybe a some artwork if my daughter lets me :)

What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

On planting

Every year I seem to set some type of goal revolving my back yard.  I have two rambunctious.. extremely naughty but over flowing with love pugs.  What that means? They own my backyard.  I try every year to plant something.  They first start getting extremely excited that something is happening in their backyard. Then they claim whatever it is I planted even if I put it in a pot or even if I put a little fence around it. Yoda is a very limber pug which is pretty unusual for a pug. When it comes to jumping, he can jump over a baby gate and he is completely fearless.  One year I planted flowers in a large planter and I turn my back for 5 seconds  and Yoda was hanging out in the pot with flowers dangling out of his mouth and wagging his tail. If a plant a new tree of bush- it's their new favorite fire hydrant.  I'm sure a plant comes into my back yard and it's almost immediately sentenced to death! poor plants.   My other challenge is that I have a huge retaining rockwall that gets quite a bit of sun and haven't figured out the right solution yet for making it awesome.  I have tried planting things in the rocks and planting plants above but nothing has really worked but this is the year that something I can tell will happen.

Does anyone have any advise for making a dog friendly backyard? or plant shopping for a rock wall.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Goals

1.  Blog Everyday the Month of May... Am I up for challenge? It's a little intimidating... ok it's totally intimidating but I think .. I mean I know I can totally do this. Half the battle is just showing up isn't it?
2.  Instagram my art journal at least once a week.  Even though I make art for a living- I still can be shy about what I am working on or things that inspire me.  My attempt at being braver this month.
3.  Eat healthy this month.  While in Seattle I fell off the healthy wagon with Pizza, Cheddar Bacon Burger, French Fries, Ice cream, and carrot cake.. I think I even forgot some of the wonderfully amazing.. I mean horrible things I ate... my spree lasted all weekend long..  So to eating healthy this month and no cheat days until June.
4.  Read 2 books this month.  I love to read and am a pretty fast reader how ever since being a mommy it's hard to find time to enjoy a delicious book but I have two books that are just waiting for me to read.
5.  Get into my art studio 3 days a week during Nora's nap time.  Last month it was 2 days but I think May I can do 3 and maybe in June I can shoot for 4.
6.  Work out at least 3 days a week.  I joined a mommy work out group a few months ago and am so happy that I signed up and joined.  I can actually run faster than the pregnant moms now :) and hopefully this month I will be a little faster.  I am such a wimp when it comes to working out but I love how healthy I am feeling and love how much energy I have.

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