A late mother's day.

This year is my first mothers day.  I have always considered myself a mommy to my pugs but this year is the first to my daughter.  Nora is right next to me practicing standing and banging with all her might on the printer in my office- I can only think how lucky I am at this very moment. I know she will soon lose interest in the printer but I know life gets complicated down the road and it's these easy moments that I love the most especially being a new mommy.

I hope to inspire her, make her laugh, and help her to be the best person she can be and wants to be.  Being a mommy I reflect a lot on my own childhood and think about the type of mother I want to be and hope to be.  Being a new mommy, I have learned to appreciate my own mother and makes me realize more every day how I finally get what it's like being a grown up.

Nora has moved on from the printer and now reorganizing my mail. :) My mothers day, we went out for yummy bacon cheese burgers and french fries and then took a long walk around the neighborhood.
It was my perfect day.

What did you do this weekend?


tinajo said...

I had an quite ordinary weekend since we don´t celebrate Mother´s Day the same date as you here in Sweden - but it was nice and cozy anyway. Glad you enjoyed yours! :-)

punkychewster said...

They say you grow up to become your parent, and I can certainly see my mother in me, even though I don't have a child of my own yet. I want to raise my child with the same values and principles my parents instilled in me. May you have many more joyous Mother's Day to come!

Outcast said...

What a brilliant post Erika, to be honest you really deserve a good mothers day and I'm so glad that you got one. You're going to do a great job, I have no worries about that. You're intelligent, you're kind, you're caring and if Nora inherits this from you then you have no problems at all, such an adorable little post, you're amazing.