May Goals

1.  Blog Everyday the Month of May... Am I up for challenge? It's a little intimidating... ok it's totally intimidating but I think .. I mean I know I can totally do this. Half the battle is just showing up isn't it?
2.  Instagram my art journal at least once a week.  Even though I make art for a living- I still can be shy about what I am working on or things that inspire me.  My attempt at being braver this month.
3.  Eat healthy this month.  While in Seattle I fell off the healthy wagon with Pizza, Cheddar Bacon Burger, French Fries, Ice cream, and carrot cake.. I think I even forgot some of the wonderfully amazing.. I mean horrible things I ate... my spree lasted all weekend long..  So to eating healthy this month and no cheat days until June.
4.  Read 2 books this month.  I love to read and am a pretty fast reader how ever since being a mommy it's hard to find time to enjoy a delicious book but I have two books that are just waiting for me to read.
5.  Get into my art studio 3 days a week during Nora's nap time.  Last month it was 2 days but I think May I can do 3 and maybe in June I can shoot for 4.
6.  Work out at least 3 days a week.  I joined a mommy work out group a few months ago and am so happy that I signed up and joined.  I can actually run faster than the pregnant moms now :) and hopefully this month I will be a little faster.  I am such a wimp when it comes to working out but I love how healthy I am feeling and love how much energy I have.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

These sound like healthy and achievable goals!! I really need to read more, I've slacked in the book department as my youngest is a ball of energy, so I don't get to sit much. I started my exercise again, so that's good, as I was feeling slow after winter. You will reach your goals :))) xx

Gloria said...

I'm toootally with you on #3 and #6 - time to get into shape!

Outcast said...

Best of luck in achieving your goals Erica. Good on you aiming to get into shape but don't rush it too much, you can do this!

punkychewster said...

Well,it's my turn to say GOOD LUCK and YOU CAN DO IT! that's a lot of goals for a month and i admire you for doing them, especially with a baby in tow! Most of all, have fun, so your goals don't feel like chores!

QP said...

I cant wait to see all your May posts!

I seriously need to exercise more. next lady date let's go for a walk or something :)