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On planting

Every year I seem to set some type of goal revolving my back yard.  I have two rambunctious.. extremely naughty but over flowing with love pugs.  What that means? They own my backyard.  I try every year to plant something.  They first start getting extremely excited that something is happening in their backyard. Then they claim whatever it is I planted even if I put it in a pot or even if I put a little fence around it. Yoda is a very limber pug which is pretty unusual for a pug. When it comes to jumping, he can jump over a baby gate and he is completely fearless.  One year I planted flowers in a large planter and I turn my back for 5 seconds  and Yoda was hanging out in the pot with flowers dangling out of his mouth and wagging his tail. If a plant a new tree of bush- it's their new favorite fire hydrant.  I'm sure a plant comes into my back yard and it's almost immediately sentenced to death! poor plants.   My other challenge is that I have a huge retaining rockwall that gets quite a bit of sun and haven't figured out the right solution yet for making it awesome.  I have tried planting things in the rocks and planting plants above but nothing has really worked but this is the year that something I can tell will happen.

Does anyone have any advise for making a dog friendly backyard? or plant shopping for a rock wall.  


Ashley said...

Maybe try a vine for the wall? Idk about dog friendly stuff. My dogs leave stuff alone thank god. I was worried they'd be into things but my border collie ways to play with the ball and doesn't even know what the yard looks like she's so focused on the ball haha

punkychewster said...

We keep our dog on a long cable, but just long enough that he stops right at the edge of our vegetable garden. As our house is right by the road, we never leave Scuffy unleashed. So i guess that helps keep him out of our plants. Although the first chance he gets to break loose, he makes a dash across our garden. As a result he gets a good spanking after! :p

Outcast said...

Yoda is the coolest name for a pug in my opinion, I have no advise but best of luck with everything Erika, it's always good to do some gardening.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Sadly, I've never had a dog before, so I wouldn't have the slightest clue. I hope someone will know for you :) Have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

Vanessa said...

I wish I had advise to offer other than keeping the animal tethered. My boyfriend distracts his bulldog by playing fetch while I garden to keep him from digging and investigating my new plants.

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